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Rises up to the challenges in life. / Sets goals. / Acheive goals. / Living up to all that could be!
In spite of all the hurdles in life, #20 rose up to the challenges, set and achieved goals ~ game-wise and personally, to becomme PRMHA bantam most inspirational hockey player of 2010.
by isabelydancer00 April 27, 2010
encouraging, motivating, inspiring...
His love of children and his Perseverance in the face of every insult on American Idol. The more Simon Cowell slammer and discouraged Clay week after week with insults of one kind or another...the better Clay did the following week and the more perfect his performance. That was just so damn impressive and inspirational. Stellar voice and premier performer. That's Clay Aiken.
by Lori Thompson August 20, 2003

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