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Great n64 and gamecube game. nic and cbass are especially good at it.
I wish I was good at Super Smash Brothers
by N January 12, 2004
Most likley the greatest video game series ever invented by human hands. Playable characters include: Mario}, Link, Samus, Fox, pikachu,Marth, Ness, Captain Falcon,Ganondorf, Zelda, lcario, Kirby, Ike, Lucas, Bowser, Wario,Luigi, Mr. Game and Watch, Solid Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog
Super Smash Brothers kicks Halo's gay xbox ass
by lord woo fak fak December 02, 2008
awesome game on n64 and gamecube..soon to be on nintendo wii...the championship title (when you win a championship) is coveted by many..whoever holds it at a point in time is awesome..I hold it at the mo therefore I am awesome.
"Wow eddie you rock at super smash brothers I was as good as you"

-richard mcbride
by eddie June 19, 2006
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