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a word used when you dominate or do really well on something. also used when you defeat an opponent.
-Dude, I slayed that history test!

-How'd you do in that Madden game against Gavin?
--I totally slayed him, it wasn't even close.

by chicken man1212 September 07, 2007
when you get dissed.
Girl: I'm not giving you my number.
Boy :Well fuck you then.

Boy goes back to his friends they ask what happened, he says that bitch slayed me.
by Pretty2BeDark December 31, 2003
meaning that you had sex with someone.
I slayed that girl last night. We went at it all night long.
I had sex with that girl last night. We went at it all night.
by riiiley December 27, 2007
adj. Offensively Ugly, unattractive.
"The bitch was slayed."
by Dom-inator October 13, 2005
It means really drunk and high or any form of being really messed up. used alot in Florida.
Dang homie last night I was slayed.
by Bezzled August 13, 2007
The aftermath of an insult.

(It used to be known as "served". As in, "You got served.")
"You got slayed"


"That was a level 4 slayage"


"Damn, bitch. You were just slayed."
by LRTMG December 05, 2005
This word is primarily used for the occasion when a burrito gets told or dissed. Yes, we all know that the proper spelling is "slain," but get over it. Your annoyance at us saying "slayed" makes the humor even more enjoyable. Also commonly used in this form: "Ohhhh slayed!!!"
Burrito: Hey guys I just found out that my girlfriend is a man

James: Dang, slayed
by Antismurf October 09, 2011