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1. When a crowd of strange, young, Justin Bieber-obsessed girls decides that they will all purchase the latest Justin Bieber single multiple times until it is on the top of the iTunes chart. They will keep telling people to BIEBERBLAST ITUNES on Twitter until Justin himself retweets them.

2. Justin Bieber's method of world domination, starting with the tweenage girls. AND IT'S WORKING.
1. Justin Bieber fangirl's tweet (often with "Bieber" in her username): @justinbieber OMG! Let's BIEBERBLAST ITUNES and get One Time all the way to the top! I bought it 11 times already!

2. Justin Bieber: Hahaha... BIEBERBLAST! The world will soon become mine... One wasted $1.29 at a time.
by BananaMilkshake January 30, 2010
1. Something that connects two things together.
2. Part of a chain.
3. The main dude from the Legend Of Zelda games who looks suspiciously like an elf.
4. The annoying hippie from Hairspray played by Zac Efron.
5. Something you click on (usually on a computer) to get to another page.
1. The link from the past to the future is the present.
2. My chain link bracelet broke Tuesday.
3. Link has pointy ears and a long green cap. I swear he works for Santa Claus!
4. I'm sick of 4-year-olds calling Link from Haispray "Troy"!
5. I clicked on the link, which took forever to load.
by BananaMilkshake December 29, 2008
Somebody who played in the elementary school band, where it was something everyone did, but was one of those kids who drop it after 1 or 2 years. However, they stay in band anyway because their crush is a band nerd.
Did you hear about Alli? She's only still playing the saxophone just because Aaron is! What a band nerd-faker!
by BananaMilkshake December 12, 2008
A girl that never seems to grow up. Talks like a baby. Usually a homosexual (if ANYTHING). Watches PBS Kids and qubo. Obsesses over Webkinz and has the lip balm, body spray, mousepad, and all the animals, plus the mini ones. Her favorite store in the mall is Hallmark because of the pointless Webkinz. Has an cheap High School Musical mp3 player, but the only songs on it are Wheels on the Bus, Christmas songs, and some Disney crap. Loves Hannah Montana, but has no clue who Miley Cyrus is. Thinks you're "super-silly yuck yuck" if you ever thought a guy was hot. When you go to the bathroom, she sticks her arm through the door until you shut it on her. Anorexic.
Collects Land Before Time things. Doesn't know what anything that your average person over 6 would know and is EXTREMELY flat.
Kaitlyn: Kayla! Look at Crystal and her new Webkinz purse. What a permadork!
by BananaMilkshake November 27, 2008
When somebody makes a wet, crap-filled fart.
Ew, did you just make an atomic bomb?
by BananaMilkshake December 03, 2008
The only restaurant available in hell.
I decided to eat my own crap over the food at hell's McDonalds, since that's what they give you anyway.
by BananaMilkshake January 21, 2009

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