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An Australian term used for the middle male in a trio of cyclists, normally the lest coordinated and attractive of the trio.
Hey Dan want to go for a ride Dan can be the "Link"
by JubJubs October 03, 2013
to 'link' means to meet up with someone.
Person 1: "Wanna link me later?"

Person 2: "Yeye sweet bruv."
by Mystery-Vampire December 07, 2012
To Meet somebody, jus go see them basicalli
wat time u linkin me ?
by sash March 05, 2005
to meet up with someone
i'm gonna link some choong bre 2nite!!!
by eastlondonzfinest November 03, 2004
noun- something all DD feel is absolutely necessary to conduct a war. Absence of a direct link, on each and every DD wall, could result in an epic meltdown and/or temper tantrum.

verb- giving a DD a "link" can be likened to giving a baby a pacifier, just saying...
where are your links? I can't give you wins without your link! Yes, i know you have linked everyone else's wall, but i need my own!
by hahahaha ha ha hahaha ha April 12, 2011
A link is the technical name for 24Hz, which is to say "24 cycles per second". This is the standard block in animation; relating frames to a smooth animation (since there are 24 frames interpolated through one second of animation).
One minute (1,440 frames) of animation contains exactly 60 links .
by peppermintlove March 18, 2011
A boyfriend/girlfriend; someone's link.
Ayo, is whats-her-name taken? She got a link yet?
by K-ROOT September 15, 2010