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1. To understand the danger of a situation but desipte that, do what is needed to protect/save what is in danger.
1. "When people were teasing me he stood up for me, he is so courageous".
by Human Shield For Sale August 03, 2006
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Having four kids from four different guys and not knowing who any of there fathers are, then going on Maury and testing nine different guys and still not knowing who the father is.
Fast forward one minute into this video to truly find out what courageous means.
by GoldieTheMack August 25, 2006
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brave or, not deterred by danger or pain, not being a coward
Brian was courageous while protecting his sister from bullies
by Alquiasha November 27, 2015
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Synonym for drunk, derived from the term "liquid courage."
Man, I must have been feeling pretty courageous to get out there and dance last night. How much did I drink?
by shock6906 September 27, 2010
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