another word for lesbian
why you snogging girls, ya lemon!
by jordannnn! February 03, 2007
when somebody can not take a joke and react in a violent manner
"haha dannys ginger" "piss off man i merk you" "oooh bwoi y u getting so lemon"
by MiNnO December 07, 2005
If a person is a lemon it means they ar ea lesbian
My sister is a lemon she kisses her best mate
by 2 girls February 11, 2003
The Asian equivalent of white trash
That guy dropped out of high school and is a druggie-he is definitely a lemon.
by Homer2156 July 06, 2012
(noun) Another food word to associate with a person of Asian ethnicity. Similar to twinkie or banana but acts completely Asian.
Dude John is such a lemon, for someone born in the States.
by koreandude March 09, 2009
When two people ferez.
Saida: Awesome, foo', that'd make a nice lemon!
by tila tequila. January 02, 2008
Another word for someone's Head
If somebody dont tell me where ma money is ima start knockin lemons lose.
by Mr. Bee April 16, 2007

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