a man's buttcherry, or anal virginity
We were all at dinner the other night and Dennis was practically throwing his lemon at me.... no thanks.
by Arturo Sandoval September 27, 2009
A word that describes a person that is nerdy or lame. usually they are red headed, left handed, and have large heads. For a similar definition see nunan.
Bryce: wow, Cameron is such a lemon!

Kyle: I know. Look at him suckin it up on Call of duty.

Bryce: I bet even you, kyle, could beat that lemon in Modern Warfare 2!

Kyle: With one hand tied behind my back and a USP. 45
by Mr. Lesly Chow January 20, 2010
east london slang for marijuana/canabis/ganja.

Source: ganjafarmer, dirrty souf
1. Killer P: It's a lot right now, lemon I can bun, blud
Flow Dan: Lemon season, cuz

2. Wiley senior, lemon will lean-ya
by gangafarma July 10, 2008
abbreviated cockney rhyming slang for cocaine. short for lemon barley (which rhymes with charlie). only the first word is used.
"fancy a bit of lemon?"
by lemonized October 18, 2007
easy, coming from rhyming slang (cockney slang) lemon squeasy/peasy meaning easy
Girl1: what did you think of that test?
Girl2: lemon.
by go.shorty August 13, 2009
A colloquial term for Marijuana, weed, green etc
- ''Anyone bringing lemon for the party tonight?''


- ''Lemon........''
by Bradtukh October 19, 2008
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