abbreviated cockney rhyming slang for cocaine. short for lemon barley (which rhymes with charlie). only the first word is used.
"fancy a bit of lemon?"
by lemonized October 18, 2007
easy, coming from rhyming slang (cockney slang) lemon squeasy/peasy meaning easy
Girl1: what did you think of that test?
Girl2: lemon.
by go.shorty August 13, 2009
A colloquial term for Marijuana, weed, green etc
- ''Anyone bringing lemon for the party tonight?''


- ''Lemon........''
by Bradtukh October 19, 2008
another word for lesbian
why you snogging girls, ya lemon!
by jordannnn! February 03, 2007
when somebody can not take a joke and react in a violent manner
"haha dannys ginger" "piss off man i merk you" "oooh bwoi y u getting so lemon"
by MiNnO December 07, 2005
If a person is a lemon it means they ar ea lesbian
My sister is a lemon she kisses her best mate
by 2 girls February 11, 2003
The Asian equivalent of white trash
That guy dropped out of high school and is a druggie-he is definitely a lemon.
by Homer2156 July 06, 2012

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