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an individual who belongs to you.
the entire american population under the u.s. government.
by civilian April 01, 2003
480 148
my bitch, an affectionate way that someone might refer to their girlfriend as, a word used by the likes of chavs and 'playas' although prefferably not infront of their girlfriend's parents as this will result in the father 'weighing' the chav
boyfriend: yo homies, dis ma bitch
father: you disrespectful little shit. come here, dont run away from me, oiht! come back here where are you going, there's no need to cry! stop it you little bastard
by pastatastesbad March 29, 2005
352 172
Being owned by someone sexually... Jumping to their every whim
"You can be my bitch!"
by Bruno .B. October 26, 2004
320 141
a person you own.
Margaret is my bitch-erica
by erica March 11, 2004
218 158
what a player calls a single female in his brood. It can be used derogatively or affectionately.
*Cruel player- Yo, I was slappin my bitch around las' night, what whaaaaaaaat


*Guy one- Wow, you really love her, don't you?
*Guy 2- Yup... she's my bitch, for ever and always.
by Box March 23, 2005
146 116
Stands for a female dog, typically a german shephard or toy poodle.
I am tired of walking my bitch! she is so tempermental!
by Genius with a capital A April 23, 2009
90 77
A sceneybopper shit bitch who gets real offended when you say things like "you dont look anything like your myspace", "your myspace sucks", " i deleting you off my top friends!" and so on....basically a fucking crying a-hole.
me: you look like a 15 year old chick..
sceneybooper: waaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck you, you really hurt my gay.
me: your such a Mybitch.
by bonja October 10, 2007
10 17