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A Gangsta term used for "A nice ass". Also could be referred to as a type of Female Jeans designer.
Mark: Yo lemme take that apple bottom back to my crib

Taylor: Alright, but ya gotta promise that u gonna put it on me
by CavZzZ March 08, 2006
Moving from one suburb to another
i did sum suburb swapping in my life
by CavZzZ March 02, 2006
N. Another word for "a condom". Used to cover the jimmy (penis) and protect one from having sex.
"Today i bought a jimmy sack for my 3 inch weiner
by CavZzZ March 10, 2006
N. When A person has sex with their parole officer in exchange for freedom and gets caught
Bob: Dude Eric got in parotrouble yesterday and now he gotta serve 20 years!!!
by CavZzZ March 10, 2006
A term used to describe an ugly, dilapidated beat-up car.
Bob: Yo, U still ridin that shitty ass car?

David: Yeah, but i gotta get rid of this lemon before my bitches come around.
by CavZzZ March 08, 2006
going from a suburban area to a urban area
Mike: "That nigga over there lives in the suburbs"

Dan: "Nah, he got urbanized last nite"
by CavZzZ March 02, 2006
N. Someone that throws like a girl, in football and/or baseball
Bob: Yo, that kid in Left Field Got A Candy arm!!

Rick: I Know
by CavZzZ March 10, 2006
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