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9 definitions by CavZzZ

N. Another word for "a condom". Used to cover the jimmy (penis) and protect one from having sex.
"Today i bought a jimmy sack for my 3 inch weiner
by CavZzZ March 10, 2006
A Gangsta term used for "A nice ass". Also could be referred to as a type of Female Jeans designer.
Mark: Yo lemme take that apple bottom back to my crib

Taylor: Alright, but ya gotta promise that u gonna put it on me
by CavZzZ March 08, 2006
Moving from one suburb to another
i did sum suburb swapping in my life
by CavZzZ March 02, 2006
N. When A person has sex with their parole officer in exchange for freedom and gets caught
Bob: Dude Eric got in parotrouble yesterday and now he gotta serve 20 years!!!
by CavZzZ March 10, 2006
A term used to describe an ugly, dilapidated beat-up car.
Bob: Yo, U still ridin that shitty ass car?

David: Yeah, but i gotta get rid of this lemon before my bitches come around.
by CavZzZ March 08, 2006
going from a suburban area to a urban area
Mike: "That nigga over there lives in the suburbs"

Dan: "Nah, he got urbanized last nite"
by CavZzZ March 02, 2006
N. Someone that throws like a girl, in football and/or baseball
Bob: Yo, that kid in Left Field Got A Candy arm!!

Rick: I Know
by CavZzZ March 10, 2006