A person which is really horny.
"Dude, she is such a lemon."
by xXThatNerdyGuyXx November 17, 2012
Code word for Lorazapam; an anti-anxiety prescription drug.
Work was so stressful today I had to take a lemon to keep from having a panic attack.
by Kaitya March 06, 2012
A lesbian...
Person 1: Oh damn she was hot!
Person 2: Dude, She's a Lemon..
Person 1: No way..
Person 2: Yeah way!!
by InitBeee! March 03, 2011
from gucci manes lemonade song referring to an ugly girl on the low alot of times ugly girls think its something good lol
she's a LEMON
by Thates2002 August 23, 2010
A lesbian or a girl who does something remotely close to being a lesbian.
Girl 1: God stop checking out that girl Lucie
Girl 2: Lemon!!!!
by Lily Chantal July 12, 2009
An exceptionally butch and manly lesbian. Usually has a SOUR pussy.
Dude 1: Look at those 2 dykes!

Dude 2: Who? The fat bitches with spiky hair and camo shorts? What a pair of lemons!
by madstylex November 19, 2007
An extremely tank human being, beyond belief, second to none
who can beat a terry up with his lemon knuckles
has had many songs dedicated to him
Cannot withstand more than 5 minutes of the beach
Has a group of mates with chodes
Fingered a ranger
the hottest ranger to rome the planet Earth
Got jacked of Threee times without a blanket
Resides in West side asia
*At a bodybuilding convention*
Holy fuck They look like lemon
Wait is that him
no no its arnold swatanigger
NO its a LEMON
by MX SHREDDER October 02, 2007

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