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An extremely tank human being, beyond belief, second to none
who can beat a terry up with his lemon knuckles
has had many songs dedicated to him
Cannot withstand more than 5 minutes of the beach
Has a group of mates with chodes
Fingered a ranger
the hottest ranger to rome the planet Earth
Got jacked of Threee times without a blanket
Resides in West side asia
*At a bodybuilding convention*
Holy fuck They look like lemon
Wait is that him
no no its arnold swatanigger
NO its a LEMON
by MX SHREDDER October 02, 2007
ok, primarily, its a citrus fruit (duuuuuh) but its also slang for lesbian. its a teen subculture kinda word and noone over the age of like, 25 really uses it.
josh: woah fionas lookin' hott!
jared: talk bout barking up the wrong tree *snigger*
jason: yeah! she's a right lemon!
by smelly poos July 24, 2006
A person in the company of a couple who feels out of place. Much like a gooseberry. Comes from the simple fact that everyone has a single lemon in their fruitbowl, which looks and feels out of place. (I may have made that last bit up)
I spent the evening with Beatrice and Archie last night and felt like a right lemon.
by jimbo January 26, 2005
An adjective used to describe how great something looks, or how good a party was.
This term is usually used in the Caribbean like The Bahamas.
That party was a Lemon wasn't it
by Twix394 December 08, 2010
a man's buttcherry, or anal virginity
We were all at dinner the other night and Dennis was practically throwing his lemon at me.... no thanks.
by Arturo Sandoval September 27, 2009
Unlike banana, a Lemon would be an Asian that seems completely Asian in looks and character. A Banana would be "yellow outside, white inside." A lemon would be "yellow in and out."
You don't see many Lemons anymore in the States.
by David Shum January 27, 2008
An exceptionally butch and manly lesbian. Usually has a SOUR pussy.
Dude 1: Look at those 2 dykes!

Dude 2: Who? The fat bitches with spiky hair and camo shorts? What a pair of lemons!
by madstylex November 19, 2007