A fruit mainly used as an instrument. Also used in One Direction.
"Did you hear that lemon?"
"That was my wife"
by Randomizle January 09, 2015
An adjective used to describe how great something looks, or how good a party was.
This term is usually used in the Caribbean like The Bahamas.
That party was a Lemon wasn't it
by Twix394 December 08, 2010
a man's buttcherry, or anal virginity
We were all at dinner the other night and Dennis was practically throwing his lemon at me.... no thanks.
by Arturo Sandoval September 27, 2009
Unlike banana, a Lemon would be an Asian that seems completely Asian in looks and character. A Banana would be "yellow outside, white inside." A lemon would be "yellow in and out."
You don't see many Lemons anymore in the States.
by David Shum January 27, 2008
A word that describes a person that is nerdy or lame. usually they are red headed, left handed, and have large heads. For a similar definition see nunan.
Bryce: wow, Cameron is such a lemon!

Kyle: I know. Look at him suckin it up on Call of duty.

Bryce: I bet even you, kyle, could beat that lemon in Modern Warfare 2!

Kyle: With one hand tied behind my back and a USP. 45
by Mr. Lesly Chow January 20, 2010
east london slang for marijuana/canabis/ganja.

Source: ganjafarmer, dirrty souf
1. Killer P: It's a lot right now, lemon I can bun, blud
Flow Dan: Lemon season, cuz

2. Wiley senior, lemon will lean-ya
by gangafarma July 10, 2008
A term for a White gurl in general.
Michael: U like dem lemons?

Calvin:I love dem lemons.
by Yung Texxus January 26, 2008

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