when somebody can not take a joke and react in a violent manner
"haha dannys ginger" "piss off man i merk you" "oooh bwoi y u getting so lemon"
by MiNnO December 07, 2005
If a person is a lemon it means they ar ea lesbian
My sister is a lemon she kisses her best mate
by 2 girls February 11, 2003
The Asian equivalent of white trash
That guy dropped out of high school and is a druggie-he is definitely a lemon.
by Homer2156 July 06, 2012
(noun) Another food word to associate with a person of Asian ethnicity. Similar to twinkie or banana but acts completely Asian.
Dude John is such a lemon, for someone born in the States.
by koreandude March 09, 2009
When two people ferez.
Saida: Awesome, foo', that'd make a nice lemon!
by tila tequila. January 02, 2008
a female who engags in sexual relations with other girls.
including kissing.
usally happens at WAN
bridgette- no tammie i will not make out with you.. you lemon.

tammie- ill go see jamie then shes in to it
by Bridgette;breakdown October 21, 2007
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