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The text version of a freestyle. It was originally used as a quick verse on written on the run without a usual rhyme structure, unpolished.
banana's in pajama's//
habana cabana//
-Netcee, "Late Night Keystyle" @ meccaofhiphop.com
by I'm Down March 06, 2007

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The Art of Freestyling without any audio (or hearing anything for that matter).
This is usually frown upon since you cant hear people getting tounge twisted or choked.

Its usually a waste of time since any and everyone can just 'bite' meaning taking and producing rhymes that isnt your; from websites etc.
If you want an example of a keystyle check out www.freestyle.b0x.com or www.rapforums.com or for something more simple check www.textbattles.com
by Ghetto Fabolous-` August 30, 2005