A angel desended down from the heavens. When he woke from his sleep all of heaven froz. He loves poetry, geting couaght in the rain,helping people,learning, lvoe peace and yet has to reveal his true personailitys to other people he is a very solotary person takes religion very serius loves the smell of roses and when ever he crys it begins to rain. He is the desendent of god. And must full fill a prophecy.. so much is Unknown about joseph we must gather more information on josephs
"joseph"angel or to be loved by a angel has many goals and destinys that only he may choose good or bad..
by Heavens Angel January 29, 2009
A man's man.Extremely Awesome.
Wow, that guy just ate 58 buffallo wings. What a Joseph!
by Joe carlin October 29, 2006
An Unstoppable man who kills anyone in his way he is awesome
You just got Joseph'd
by mandy man December 01, 2006
1.the amazingly hot guy.

2.perfect in all ways.

3.totally hot
oh wow look at that guy joseph he is totelly hot
by lil chy chy January 09, 2008
He is a beautiful, terrible being. A destroyer of worlds. The conquerer of Earth. He is all that is man. Beautiful women flock to him. He will rule the world with his iron fist and see that only the strong prosper.
Joseph makes Superman look like a wimp and he made Chuck Norris quiver with fear.
by Coimiceoir February 02, 2009
That guy that makes you smile from ear to ear. He will make you feel amazing. He looks AMAZING. His eyes are breath taking. His touch is tantalizing. He is the greatest guy you will ever meet. Hold on.
If he isn't a Joseph, get rid of him.
by kapplemac November 25, 2010
the hottest fuking dude EVER!!!! wont ever take your shyet

and has the best bod ever, cute, funny, smart, gorgeous eyes, and a fuking HUGE COCK!!!! the most bad ass dude you will ever meetever and loves music, girls, sports, gIrLs, sex, GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS, AND GIRLS!!!!!!
girl1:why u in a wheelchair???

wheelchair girl:j-j-jo-jos-joseph ;D

girl1:i understand!!
by the john ;) July 13, 2009
a young buck who knows what women like, and satisfies PYTs on a regular basis.
Man, can you believe that dude over there is hittin' skins with Eva? And he hasn't even bought her anything, or taken her out to eat, or nothin' like that...he's gettin' it with her sister too.
Fo'rilla? What a joseph.
by Joseph A.B.N. January 08, 2008

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