great MAN! knows everything, does not like being called Joey. Listens too some dope ass music! IS one LEGIT motherfucker.....did i mention pretty fucking awesome! PLUS hes a MAN so that just makes him cooler! Last but not least hes straight THUG!
fucking ayyy i wish i was a Joseph! no doubt
DAMNNN! i wish Joseph was my NIGGA!
Joseph has majorrr SWAGG!
by SWAGGGG KINGG May 24, 2011
A Greek God of Love and War. Wanted and needed by all, but rejected by many, but always remembered as a GREAT GOD!!! And Guy
During the great war with the son of the Sun, Joseph commanded his troupes to slaughter all the males who defied him and therefore captured all the women. But he was rejected by many of these women but not all. Even those women who rejected him always felt he was a Great man. A God of sorts!
by Pappa-Razi April 15, 2010
The fantastically hot guy in your class the makes you melt with just one look. Of course he does that sexy scowling thing with his eyes. He's got gorgeous brown hair and eyes and whenever he talks to you you get the butterflies inside. He's smart, sweet and extremely flirty. If you meet a Joseph it would be incredibly idiotic to let him go.
"Damn is that Joseph??"
"Yeah he's looking fine as always;)"
by the knower of Josephs May 11, 2012
Joseph. He walked into my life at a time when I least expected it; the strength of his gripping hand captured me from isolation, from a place of darkness and perturbation. Surrounded by murkiness, unable to decipher the wood from the trees, he softly took my hand and led me to a peaceful sanctuary. He lifted my spirits, and showed me what I was worth. I dove into his glistening eyes, as deep and mysterious as the ocean, and was comforted; I was enveloped by the warm, soothing water as it wrapped around my bare skin. He made me feel secure and safe. His listening ear, unrelenting patience, and encouragement provided the pedestal upon which I am able to stand, today. Joseph. The gentle touch of his hands that trace every curve of my body; his warm breath against my cheek that calm my thoughts, his supple lips that transport me to another world. Joseph. The rock upon which I lean; his sculpted arms that break my fall; his smile that brightens my darkest moments. Joseph. A cherished gift from God; a sensitive soul that brings perspective to every situation. Joseph, the personification of intellect; the definition of a protector. Joseph. Forever mine.
Joseph rode on his stallion, with the wind blowing through his softened locks, into my heart.
by I'mNoSidekick February 26, 2013
A name generally associated with werewolves, sorcerers, and all around superior studs. Though they try to keep it secret, it's kind of hard to hide when they are ripping the guys face off.
Don't mess around with Joseph, he'll rip your lungs out Jim!
by Joevakiin May 23, 2012
A complete badass, and bromacho.

Referencing a bromachopotamous, hes one chill ass fucker.

May not get madd pus, but he kick back with the nattys.
P1: Hey you're badass.
P2: Yeah, hes a Joseph
by Marywether Lewis March 22, 2011
A guy that loves his family very much. He is an amazing Father! Protective, sincere. His family is his life and will do anything for them!
Joseph is the person who will bring lunch to you when you are sick in bed.

He is into reading, games, and he eats everything but never really gains weight!

He is a simply Joseph.
by anon...... March 30, 2013
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