A guy that loves his family very much. He is an amazing Father! Protective, sincere. His family is his life and will do anything for them!
Joseph is the person who will bring lunch to you when you are sick in bed.

He is into reading, games, and he eats everything but never really gains weight!

He is a simply Joseph.
by anon...... March 30, 2013
A sex machine. A legend in the track and field

Damn that's Joseph! The bringer of rain!
by TheBOBOB March 20, 2013
A goofy,loving,caring,and sensitive guy! Joseph's are sexy. They always put there girlfriend and friends first over there needs and are good at keeping secrets.
Joseph is so cool!
by changedman October 01, 2013
Joseph is the most loyal person you will meet. Dark brown hair/eyes, tall and lean. Goes by JoJo to those closest to him. He doesn't lie, cheat, or steal and he prides himself on that. He was raised very poor which in turn he learned how to appreciate things for what they are. He will always put others before himself because he is a very loving man. "Family first" he's renowned for saying. He doesn't care too much about inanimate objects. If you happen To get the opportunity to be his friend, do it! He is a very good listener. His personality is one of a kind. He has very few friends, but those who are, they are very loyal to him as he is to them. Ladies that know him Would do whatever to have him. The ideal image of a great Husband/Father. A Beast in bed whose skills are unsurpassable. Will be there for you no matter the situation. Dont let his kindness fool you, he's ride or die and NEVER cross him, to do so will prove fatal.
Random: That there is a legend, his name is Joseph, it's spoken in a hush hush manor. Women are transfixed in fascination when he is around.
NayNae: What? I didn't hear you I was watching him.
Random: It's cool, he has that effect on women
by brobroyoyo May 15, 2014
Another word that is used to denote when you are good at something. It is also used as a substitute for the words expertise or forte. (sidenote: college basketball junkies will realize the connection between this word and a former Carloina star and flash in the pan NBA player)(the more you use this word in context, the more it grows on you, the cooler it sounds)
Bob's really great at picking winners in college basketball. It's his joseph. His girlfriend can really cook. Cooking is her joseph.
by Aaron N. Fortier March 26, 2007
Joseph is badass. normally a thug from cali.no matter how much a jerk he is everybody still loves him. he also has a huge cock and kicks ass at anything he does
Joseph is so amazing!
by yaboijoe September 28, 2013
That guy you want to be when you grow up. The idol of all men and kids. He is the strongest person you will ever meet. Has a knack for thinking outside the box and is very creative a wonderful father and is fit for a Latisha. Is loving and caring and wants you to do your best. Very successful
That guy is my idol my Joseph
by chee2e burger March 03, 2015

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