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A guy that loves his family very much. He is an amazing Father! Protective, sincere. His family is his life and will do anything for them!
Joseph is the person who will bring lunch to you when you are sick in bed.

He is into reading, games, and he eats everything but never really gains weight!

He is a simply Joseph.
by anon...... March 30, 2013
A sex machine. A legend in the track and field

Damn that's Joseph! The bringer of rain!
by TheBOBOB March 20, 2013
Another word that is used to denote when you are good at something. It is also used as a substitute for the words expertise or forte. (sidenote: college basketball junkies will realize the connection between this word and a former Carloina star and flash in the pan NBA player)(the more you use this word in context, the more it grows on you, the cooler it sounds)
Bob's really great at picking winners in college basketball. It's his joseph. His girlfriend can really cook. Cooking is her joseph.
by Aaron N. Fortier March 26, 2007
A goofy,loving,caring,and sensitive guy! Joseph's are sexy. They always put there girlfriend and friends first over there needs and are good at keeping secrets.
Joseph is so cool!
by changedman October 01, 2013
(v.): To brush off someone as stupid or ignorant within 10 seconds of meeting them; to naturally assume something with little or no evidence.
Dude, he totally josephed me last night.
Don't be josephing me like that.

I'm josephing you, you fat little fuck.
by Awesome bass guy June 30, 2014
Joseph is badass. normally a thug from cali.no matter how much a jerk he is everybody still loves him. he also has a huge cock and kicks ass at anything he does
Joseph is so amazing!
by yaboijoe September 28, 2013
bitter cold; the onset of cold weather the likes of which is rarely seen from other entities, such as Warm
Brrrr, did you feel that? It's April but Joseph is still out there...somewhere...
by The Wiff March 12, 2007