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A word originating in the early 21st century from the east asia region. Jolo is generally used as a cry of anguish or distress. The word is commonly heard after an adverse situation or event in which someone does something that is retarded. It can also be used to describe a hideously ugly individual who has a raspy voice and has sidespin on his ugly basketball shot.

Also, i don't know if any one has noticed this, but this word "jolo" can be used to describe the sound that a camel makes when it is under distress and needs to let go of all its anger.

If anyone wants to hear this "jolo" sound, please refer to the movie "benchwarmers" as jon heder of napoleon dynamite provides an EXCELLENT example when he is in the outfield and becomes ridiculously bored. *JOLO*
The prime example would be after someone does something stupid on your sports team...let's take baseball for example.
So your team is playing in the biggest tournament of the year, and during the first game, you open up the game with 6 runs, all with 2 outs! A member of your team gets walked and eventually steals second on a wild pitch, all with your best hitter at the plate. On the next pitch, the batter hits a line drive right up the middle and you think to yourself, wow 7-0, baby. The adrenaline is pumping inside of you and the momentum is on your side. The runner on second "sprints" to third, and for some odd reason, stops..looks at the 3rd base coach waving him home, then runs has hard as he can. You watch on as the ball is all of a sudden in the catcher's mitt and your teammate is walking into home. The catcher easily tags him out and all of a sudden, the adrenaline stops. The umpire calls him out with authority and you feel like you've just been stabbed with a dagger....after the play and after you lose the tournament, all you say to yourself is, freakin jolo!
by Urban Dictionary November 06, 2006
Joo Only Live Once. Used by the latino audience and white people trying to relate to their latino friends.

Use instead of YOLO
Latino Friend: "Should I start a cock fighting club in my basement?"
Me: "JOLO mayne. What's the worst that could happen?"
by JOLObro June 14, 2012

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