The perfect boy. There boy you fall in love with at first sight. He has brown hair, brown eyes, and has the best personality. He is so alive. You'll be day dreaming about him for weeks. You'll never be able to forget about him. He's "the one". The perfect boy. He lives out in the country, small town, and the cutest voice. He's an amazing football player, he's a star track runner. He goes right to your heart. He's the best person you'll ever know. In fact he's the best person in the world. He jokes around, is a gamer, and is super nice. It's soo hard to be apart from him. He's amazing. You'll do anything to be with him. Any girl would be lucky to even know him. Your heart will long for him. You'll be wonderstruck when you see him. He's enchanting.You'll never fall in love with a better person. He's flawless. Every conversation you have with him will be amazing. You'll charish every time you talk to him. You'll brush all the way home after a night hanging out with him. Every time you hang with him will be perfect. I will spend my entire life with him if i can. I love Joseph, I love him with all my heart. Keep him close to you forever, and never let go.
**after staring into his eyes and falling in love at that moment**
"Hi, my names Joseph"

**Keep him close to you**
by ILOVEJT December 28, 2011
a complicated, emotional guy who genuinely wants the best for everyone around him. He is incredibly kind, intelligent, passionate and funny. He makes an exceptional best friend, and will be an amazing husband/father.
Wow, any girl would be lucky to be with that guy, Joseph.
by happygf July 25, 2010
Joseph: joe sef

1) A merciless pimp who will backhand bitches for no apperent reason

2) Member and one of the original creators of p.c.c.

3) Everyones father...
Joseph backhanded the prostitute cause she only brought in 999 dollars that night.

Joseph fucked your mom, and you were born.
by joe fucked your mama August 22, 2006
Few things about Joseph are known. Joseph is easily mistaken to be a god, this misconception is due to the nature of Joseph. Joseph is a driving force behind all things majestic, preferring to take the humble approach of the mentor behind the god. It is commonly thought that all great men had a force of Joseph behind them, teaching until they were ready to make their mark on history.

The religions which have come to realize Joseph dedicate their time to reaching a state of "Nirvana" in order to fully realize Joseph, finding that Joseph's touch on the world is the reason for all beauty, greatness and order. Even the Catholic Church realizes Christ learnt ethics from Joseph.

Science is only starting to confirm the existence of Joseph. In late 1984 a quantum physicists by the name of Irving Stiffleheimer realized that since a quantum reaction is impossible to predict, it is possible that an entity outside of our understanding and above the laws of the universe exists. This solidified the modern theories on Joseph, creating the whole new science of Josephysics.

Joseph's elusive yet essential marks on the world have been noted as far back as 500 b.c when Joseph gave Socrates his Philosophy and tutored him on the meaning of life. It is also almost certain that Joseph was also responsible for the creation of the Chinese, Egyptian and Babylonian Empires, but due to his supremely humble nature conformation has eluded historians and anthropologist alike.
Behind every great man is Joseph.
by SaintKaiva February 06, 2010
Just plain bad ass.
That dude is Joseph, and thats not his name!
by ellerbizzle February 03, 2010
The most amazing man to exist.

He's a total nerd, but he knows how to treat people he cares about.

Faithful, kind, caring, sweet and hilarious.

Joseph is the best friend anyone could ever have. He's always looking out for everyone else.

He can beat any dungeon on any video game, read any comic and tell you who would win a versus, can get into very long discussions on LOTR, anime & manga and even the Bible. Has a very unique sense of humor.

Joseph is definitely a guy you want to get to know, whether you be a guy or a lady.

But ladies, you can give up if he is taken. He is extremely faithful to the girl he loves, and usually doesn't indulge in relationships that don't have potential.
"I totally wish Joseph would give me a chance."
"I know, he's so good to his girlfriend... but, you always want what you can't have..."
by Anonymous lover of Joseph January 10, 2012
A angel desended down from the heavens. When he woke from his sleep all of heaven froz. He loves poetry, geting couaght in the rain,helping people,learning, lvoe peace and yet has to reveal his true personailitys to other people he is a very solotary person takes religion very serius loves the smell of roses and when ever he crys it begins to rain. He is the desendent of god. And must full fill a prophecy.. so much is Unknown about joseph we must gather more information on josephs
"joseph"angel or to be loved by a angel has many goals and destinys that only he may choose good or bad..
by Heavens Angel January 29, 2009

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