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A very intelligent girl, very athletic, very competitive, Really Funny and very pretty! Good in sex and can make a guy want her! very sexy with her tan skin and loves god, friends and family. Most commonly she doesn't like losing to someone to her. She's a badass dancer that knows typically every type of dance. She can make you turn on by her cute smile. Charish can mean love when you spell it with an E.
Anne: Omg who's that competitive cute girl?
Mary: Oh that's Charish! I'm so jealous of her she's so pretty!
by mimi23xfy May 12, 2011
14 15
To imagine the eating of a friends flesh, or the flesh of your friends friends. Whether or not you do it is up in the air.
What advice did the elder cannibal give to his son? Remember to always charish your friends.
by Aidentroa February 04, 2009
20 23