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selene can be the most beautiful girl that ever walked on earth, theres a special power she owns with her eyes she can under dress you with them. she has poise and grace. shes the girl you always think of to have a good time. shes loves laughing all the time and shes very reliable and trust worthy. she is very competitive, some may say picky at times but that just shows she knows what she wants. she's a tropper when it comes to trying new things. she is extremely love able and loves the small things in life. she has a huge wild side only few ever encounter. she knows how satisfy others extremely well. she's is very like able and likes to contribute to her community. she's passionate about her dreams and will destroy anything in her way to achieve happiness and success most will agree she's a trophy wife. she's the total package enjoys sundays watching sports. she can also play them, she usually likes being in the kitchen and fixing up something. Selene's are also very creative and can be kinky in bed. selene's are just a well rounded person people enjoy having them in their lives.
wow, there she goes.. the way she walks, the way she talks. just shows she a selene man.

can i keep you forever?.. " why" your just a selene! "ill be dumb if i let you go"

dayumm you can do all that! your such a selene! incredible! (:
by Cali love 341 October 16, 2010
Selene, the moon goddess. Persistent and determined, placid and security loving, jealous and possesive. Selene enjoys art, making love, luxuries, Selene's are made for talent, beauty (recoils from anything sordid or ugly) and music. Selene's are reliable, practical, methodical and ambitious, within a framework of obedience to superiors.
The life of the Selene.
by vdianav February 04, 2010
Super chill girl, generally very short, who has a very dirty sense of humor.
That girl at the party was being such a Selene, I jizzed in my pants.
by cainforhire89 February 08, 2009
One who takes in strays. Cats, Dogs, humans, doesn't matter to a Selene. Their kind naturedness is only rivaled by their bad choice in friends.
Aww, that guy's life sucks, i should take him out for coffee.
to which is responded - dude, you are such a selene.
by shanedizzle February 04, 2010

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