a caring, gorgeous, funny boy that is always there for his girlfriend, friends and family whenever he's needed.
also known as jolo, he doesn't really realise how truly amazing he is, he'll most of the time talk a load of stupid, but you've got to love him for it.
he is incredibly good looking, lovable, wonderful and intellectual. he has amazing eyes, a cheeky smile, and adorable rosy cheeks.
he will make you feel like the luckiest, happiest person alive, and little girls that fall in love with him will never let him go.
he gives the best hugs and kisses and rasberries on record and he often wears cool boxers, smells amazing, is very tall, is a great tennis and football player, and is smokin' hot.
he will always manage to make his girlfriend smile and feel special and loved up, and any girl lucky enough to have him is very lucky indeed.
'he's so adorable, that must be joseph'.
#joseph #jolo #gorgeous #funny #adorable
by babarinodee September 11, 2011
a character in the bible who interprets dreams and becomes a leader and prophet for the Israelites
Joseph was thrown in a pit by his brothers and sold as a slave to Egypt
#son of jacob #egypt #bible #exodus #pharoh
by notnamedjoseph June 13, 2009
A cunning, sweet, smart-when-he-wants-to-be guy. Very attractive with usually a wide variety of admirers.
Joseph's are attention seekers, and also privacy seekers, and have a need for music that leaves them tapping on random objects.

Can be stubborn and unobservant; Can be outgoing around friends, shy around acquaintances.

Joseph's are caring but sometimes may unintentionally hurt others with their blatant remarks.
Gives the best hugs. Usually dark, curly-haired, with dark eyes that you never want to look away from.

Loves animals and joking around, best with a woman close to his personality, such as a Sabrina or Selene.
For example, a leo Joseph and Sabrina are a wonderful pair.
Joseph: I like you, Sabrina. You're funny.
Sabrina: Why thank you. You're a pretty awesome person yourself!
Joseph: Yeah,you're perfect for me, want to go out?
Sabrina: Oooh, sure, sounds exciting! :D
Joseph: :)
#nice #awesome #handsome #attractive #caring
by Heyitswheee May 24, 2012
a real man and usually has a very large penis and is good in bed
wow he was so big, he must be a joseph
#man #big penis #chill #too good #huge dick
by niggintoohard October 16, 2011
A lovely, hilarious, good looking guy who is loved by everyone. Is easy to get along with and once you befriend them, you don't want to let them go. Feels like you've known them forever after only a week of knowing them. Most have brown hair and blue eyes. Is very good at art and music and tends to play the tuba. He owns the latest mac and blackberry and is very "hip". Everyone wants to be friends with joe. If your joe's friend count yourself lucky, as he usually creates application forms first.
you would usually meet joseph's on holiday and end up being friends with them for life.
#joe #josef #joeseph #josy wosy #william
by williamjodie August 19, 2011
The non-biological father of Jesus Christ. Also the patron saint of carpenters. Usually boys named this are expected to do great things or be involved in huge events.
Joseph married Mary and could make some great chairs!
#josef #joe #jesus #jesus christ #carpenter #carpenters
by Liaceps February 02, 2010
A man who is very kind, loving and passionate. A best friend and someone you should keep around for a long time. someone who never lets you down and always makes you smile and laugh.
That Joseph is so passionate about everything he does.
#kind #loving #passionate #sexy #smile
by Smexykisses May 08, 2011
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