Someone who bites the other persons lip while hooking up.
Mike: Did u hear what happened wit harrison and claudia last night at allisons? they were hooking up and harrison bit her lip and there was blood everywhere.
Addison: Haha, wat a jaws
by Mike Bruss January 07, 2008
Getting your dick licked head
I'm gonna get some jaws...
by Yomam3001 February 15, 2004
The proper name of an individual whose so far in the closet that they are finding last years christmas presents. Such individuals have a propensity towards man-hugging almost complete strangers and calling them "brotha", asking intensly personal questions when a simple "whats up"-"whats up" interaction is appropriate. Such individuals also have a fetish for biting others, but only after asking, and never acting on it, because, come on, if your to much of a pussy to come out of the closet at wesleyan how are you going to bite a anotha brotha that dont wanna be bit!
I hate it when Jaws talks!

Stop Jawsing up the situation you douche!

by mastahfools October 26, 2005
A nickname, commonly short for Jocelyn.
Hehe, Jaws should see this...
by Jaws March 25, 2005
This is a name, for a person called Sheep Boy. She spends most of her time in her mother's bedroom giving head to her dad. She also has a huge jaw that cant even be broken down with plastic surgery! She often eats giant jaw breakers, but even that doesnt help with the humungous jaw. She often chickens out of fights that she even sets up with a person face to face. She also cant get a good looking girlfriend, so she keeps breaking up then going out with her mom.
Ewwww, ur such a Jaws, stop giving ur dad head!

Man, if you were like Jaws, you could fit a whole shit load of notes on that sucker of a jaw and look down to cheat off of it.
by Tich July 13, 2004

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