When someone is talking shit.

Response to a lie.
Person 1: I had your mum last night.
Person 2: Jaw.
by MC Frank October 23, 2007
Jaw means the epitome of a herb, tool or dork in modern society. The term has been applied since my good friends began to refer to people they wanted to make fun of in Albany, NY.
Wow, that kid is a fucking JAW!
by Casey December 04, 2004
The act of not being able to control one's chin region because of the excessive use of jimmyniffers up their skizzletooty. Also initials of the creator.
JAW really had a ridiculous JAW after nutterkites went up his shizzlecooter
by DJ TOEJAM June 04, 2004
Is when somebody says something stupid when they know what is but just say something else instead
Man dont 12x2=24....Jaw
by Dumas High School December 22, 2008
to bite a guys dick while giving oral sex when ur pissed off!
My gurl was giving me head then the bitch gave me the jaw!
by Stankbooty February 02, 2007
A jewish person.
Haley is a HOT bodacopia jaw-mobile that is sixtay sax.

Wha's a jaw?
by Haley May 08, 2004
Someone who bites the other persons lip while hooking up.
Mike: Did u hear what happened wit harrison and claudia last night at allisons? they were hooking up and harrison bit her lip and there was blood everywhere.
Addison: Haha, wat a jaws
by Mike Bruss January 07, 2008
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