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To Jaw: to knock out
Bitch, you just got JAWED!
by Packer April 28, 2006
1) Jawed Karim, the Co-Creator of YouTube, and the oldest YouTube account. He is popular for uploading the first YouTube video, entitled: "Me at the Zoo", uploaded on April 23rd, 2005. (Though some believe "itgetsbetterproject" is the oldest account, it might be)

2) To slam someone with your jaw
Example 1 :
Poopinstein The 3rd : Hmm.. I wonder who the oldest YouTube user is?

Smart Guy McShit : Why it's jawed of course :D

Example 2 :
by CyberNets December 27, 2011
To serve someone in the jaw
The fight started after he jawed lil dude!
by Babee September 21, 2004
Another way to say "get head" Get a blow job, males recieving oral sex.
Fuck getting a job, she needs to get jawed and sell bj's till her mouth get raw. - Mac Dreezie 'Not my job'
by That one the fund February 09, 2006
To punch with extreme force rendering the victim unable to stand whilest also causing facial damage
"hey man,that prick just drank my pint!!"
"knock him out then"
"haha that cunt got jawed"
by war.b February 16, 2005
It means to be cool.
-That is so rad, dude.
•Yeah, it's hella jawed.
by superrichkids March 07, 2014
souix falls, south dakota

i'm playing basketball and i'm told "you want me to jawed you?" and i have no idea what it means so i ask. it means ;hit ;punch ;fight. he showed me by moving his fist to his "jaw" clever eh.... change a noun to a verb by adding a suffix ed.
You want me to jawed you. (with an angry voice) this happened ten years ago so i doubt that it is used to much today... at least i've never ever heard the word uttered again an....... ephemeral word.... guess i was at the right place and time to witness it.... maybe you guys can resusitate the poor fellow at urban dictionary
by justin shaw June 21, 2006

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