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When someone is lying. jawz, jawzin
this nigga came up telling me that he owned 3 houses and 4 cars and had a gang of hoes but I could tlll that nigga was all jaws
by richarda May 20, 2008
12 20
Acronym for: Just Another Whiney Salesman.
I just got off the phone with JAWS. I swear they aren't happy unless they're complaining.
by dagger29 January 20, 2009
7 16
Possibly one of the hottest guys alive
Can also be used ot describe a person's hotness meaning really hot
Whoa, that guy is so freaking JAW.


Man I wish I could have some Jaw.
by AznDaBaiTzu1 November 04, 2003
6 15
to get out, to leave, to dispearse
oi man lets jaw
by anonymous October 16, 2003
2 11
When someone is talking shit.

Response to a lie.
Person 1: I had your mum last night.
Person 2: Jaw.
by MC Frank October 23, 2007
2 12
A Person who talks extensivley on topics they know nothing about. Long Island, Nassua County guys.
Person 1: John's Car has a supercharger hooked up to his turbo and runs a 6 second 1/4 Mile.
Person 2: Shut the fuck up you stupid jaw.
by Harry Balzonya March 03, 2004
8 18
Jaw means the epitome of a herb, tool or dork in modern society. The term has been applied since my good friends began to refer to people they wanted to make fun of in Albany, NY.
Wow, that kid is a fucking JAW!
by Casey December 04, 2004
3 14