A person who is a honger does NOT have to have been born in Hong Kong but are usually of an asian race. Hongers are usually interested in the fashions and music of H.K and don't necessary speak chinse 24/7. Not all hongers are rich spoiled brats that fling there money everywhere and spend it lavishly on cell phones or clothes. He/She doesn't have to be horrible in english or permantly resides in ESL classes. The 'weird clothes' in my opinion are actually quite nice, and the clothes that are actually being sold now in english malls are actually the same as the style that was 'in' in HK last year or two years ago. If you're dissing honger clothes, then you're dissing the popular and 'in' clothes that you buy from english malls. Many of the definitions here diss hongers and i'm assuming that the authors of these definitions come from english speaking countries which are probably the U.S and Canada. If it is, isn't the U.S and Canada supposed to be supportive of multi-cultralism? If it is, then these dissers are the ones who don't belong to these countries and not the hongers. At least hongers don't diss other cultures. Everyone is free to express there own cultures and background and shouldn't feel ashamed of it.
i'm a honger, but i'm a CBC. I still listen to english songs even though i may listen to chinse songs for a longer part of the time. I also get A's in many subjects including english and i don't get huge amounts of money to spend.
by Multi-cultralism? April 25, 2005
Top Definition
It is quite fun reading these other definitions online, but what the f*ck, most of you are harsh racists. I am Japanese and I know a few hongers. Hongers are from Hong Kong, they are also human beings. There are good and nice ones and there are cocky ones and shitty ones. Just like anyone you see on the street, it's not like all the white people are nice. If you met some cocky hongers and then decide to say ALL hongers are assholes then open you eyes to meet nice hongers.

You guys also have no idea about the clothes they wear. As a matter of fact, most of them all try to be unique. A lot of you think that is gay or such, then again, you are just some old rotting rock that can't even accept any new things. The way the person dress up reflects a lot on the person's personality. Certainly, some are just outragious, but that only means the person has bad taste. If you think always white sweater, blue jeans are good, and everything else is gay. There's no point for you reading the rest of the definition.

Cars, hah, talk about their cars. I have to agree a lot of them are ricers, but how many people out there are also ricers? Damn, those huge bling bling wheels, and those huge ass mufler mustangs. I don't even want to go on.

Don't be a racist. Meet the person, not the race.
Hongers can get 90% in English in high school, as I know of some.
by illux December 08, 2004
Honger is a person that tries to keep up with hong kong fashion and styling. They do speak in cantonese loudly in public which is annoying, pose for pictures emulating the "cuteness" frenzy of the japanese, carry expensive cellphones and other accessories, drive japanese cars in the ricer hotlist and high class european cars, and leech off their parents' money while partying their ass off.
But here are some other ways to see this honger culture.
-They don't pretend or think like they are members of a different race, they actually proudly acknowledge their modern counterparts on the other face of the earth.
(ex: whites trying to act like black)
-The rice rockets they drive often look decently and acceptable compare to their non-honger/asian counterpart's rice rocket. One possible reason is because they have the cash to buy decent looking parts and apply them to the right place. Compare to the majority of their local counterparts who buy cheaper and incomplete parts thinking noone would notice the difference. (ex: incomplete set of rims because they can only afford a pair instead of the full four, purchase the front part of a bodykit while leaving the back and suspension system stock)
- The "expensive" cellphones they carry, which probably will be carried over to the north american market in a year of two, pretty much cost the same as the models offer by canadian's firms, which are outdated in the asian market already. (So why pay $500 for a so call "brand new" model which just appears in the canadian market while you can purpose an asian model which is a generation or two ahead for the same price?)
- Excluding the bad apples in the group, those hongers that seem to be sucking their parent's pocket are no different than their local canadian counterparts leeching off their parents. The rich hongers just get a couple years of extension living under their parents' care, instead of getting kick out of your parent's house and constantly worrying about rent and grocery money before they are old enough to go in a liquor store and buy beer.
The hongers worry and care about similar things like their white friends; they still have to think about where they cough out the money needed to get their weed and alcohol, except the hongers have a more firm and secure backing and emergency plans incase all hell breaks loose.
(You think white kids with rich parents or family with decent income wouldn't take advantage/make-the-best-out of the situation?)
-Hongers and their rich parents pay their taxes, so the kids can get luxury of sitting on their ass while constantly spending money in the canadian market, and the parents can constantly fly back to hongkong so their can work their ass off to pay the tax which would be spent on public service and projects which they will rarely use. The external flow of money into canada from these honger bastards and the taxes they pay help pay for the welfare checks and public service so the general public can continue to complain about how much hongers suck and not contribute to society.

So you see, hongers aren't all that bad, and actually seems normal, if you include some other group for comparing. You can make fun and trash any group of people/race if you put the effort into it. Some might hate the hongers, others might hate the trailer park rednecks, the the neo-nazi skinheads, the christian-right fundamentalists, etc. If you can name it, you can trash it.
look at me! i am a chinese who isn't whitewashed trying to be black!!
by c_dawg December 12, 2004
There are two different types of hongers (that I know of) for each gender.

Girl 1: Loud abnoxious and always speaking in chinese and with those cell phones, digital cameras, accessories hanging off the two things, and etc.

Girl 2: Cute adorable girls who love cute things. They are really nice and are really really cute and do cute faces like XD and >.<

Guys 1: Loud abnoxious gangster looking hongers as defined as those above and hang around in little gangster looking groups.

Guys 2: Rich kids, have everything they want, and are smart as hell and are in all the Honours courses at school and school all the little white boys with straight A's

Guys 3 (extra): Perverts

A general classification of "Hongers" are that they almost all play Badminton and suck shit at it and just stand there crying when they miss. They hang in groups all the time and talk really loudly. But they aren't all bad. Some are really smart, some are adorably irresistable.

*note* I like the first guy's definition =D
The mall is full of hongers.
by *Blinding* November 12, 2004
Statement #1: Talking loudly

Yes. Indeed, Hongers talk loudly. And as a honger myself, I feel that it IS annoying at times, but to be equally racist as some people on here are already, the way North-Americans talk is just as annoying as the way hongers talk.

Statement #2: Weird-ass clothes

First of all, white people wear crappy + ugly clothes that are baggy + cheap-looking, but are probably more than 100% more expensive than Honger clothing. Why? Because the fashion styles that hongers have are unique + fashionable, not like a dull old white t-shirt with jeans. As for black people, well, I have no comment about that. What I'm saying is that hongers have a unique sense of style, and there is nothing wrong with it. And I personally think that Honger styles are awesome. The engrish writing on the shirts have no significant meaning, but is what adds to the uniqueness of Honger fashions. And what's with white people and black people tattoos that have chinese words on them? They usually don't make sense either. From what I know, it's not like white people clothing have JUST english on them. Some have chinese writing on them, and they make no sense at all. So if you're saying that the english writing on Honger clothes don't make any sense, look at yourself first, before dissing Hongers. Also, I definitely do NOT agree with the definition of "ugly colors" on clothes. The clothes you buy in North American malls are no better. What colors do they come in? White, black, brown ... etc. They have no uniqueness at all, and are cheap looking at such a high price.

Statement #3: Meaningless noises

They are NOT meaningless noises. We speak CHINESE, and in chinese, words like la, wor, ne, ga ..etc ... are not meaningless at all. To us Hongers, words like "PIMP" ... "dude" ... etc .. have no meaning at all either. What is the point of using such words when you can just use normal words that are ACTUALLY in the dictionary.

Statement #4: Stupid camera poses

Well, we do have our own "stupid" camera poses, and so do white / black people. We make loser signs, or put up their middle finger when taking photos. Who wouldn't call these "stupid" poses? When it comes to photo taking, I've seen many white people taking dumbass pictures on their webcams that have NO meaning at all, and are basically useless.

Statement #5: Expensive electronics

I do admit that Hongers like to buy expensive cellphones and cameras because it makes them look cool. And as for this one, I have no objection what so ever.

Statement #6: Shopping at Honger malls

If white people are allowed to shop at their own malls, why shouldn't hongers be able to shop at Honger malls? Also, there is no law that Hongers can't wear clothes with detachable sleeves and holes in their shirts. It is called FASHION SENSE, which white people and black people obviously don't have. As a matter of fact, you probably wouldn't be seeing Honger women wearing shirts that show 1/2 of their breasts. That is not considered fashion either.

Statement #7: Dyed hair

If you are claiming that Hongers dye their hair into "weird colors", white people dye their hair too. We Hongers consider dying your hair blue and purple (which some white people actually do) is not fashionable, and is pure U-G-L-Y. And the majority of Hongers do NOT have orange hair.

Statement #8: Music genre

Yes, Hongers have their own type of music genre, and so do white people and black people. What's up with rapping anyway? It's not even music. It's basically a pile of words that don't make sense, and are said to the rhythm of some loud annoying music. Also, what's with making those annoying hand movements while rapping?

Statement #8: Expensive cars

Where I live, I see a lot of Hongers, as well as white people and black people. About 50% of the expensive cars I see are driven by people other than Hongers. Yes, Hongers buy a lot of expensive cars, but not as expensive as white people and black people.

Statement #9: Obsessions with "pieces of paper"

I've seen numerous white kids playing with pokemon cards and digimon cards. What is with the english books that have to do with Digimon and pokemon? Or a "pokedex"? Or a "game boy advance" game with a little Pokemon adventure? Don't you think that counts as "obsessions" too?

Statement #9: Hello Kitties

Hello kitty is a cute little japanese character. What is wrong with liking it? And also, characters like playboy bunny are liked by white people too. Hongers just find playboy bunnies interesting, and use them on bags and sweaters, but there is no problem with that now is there?

Statement #10: Annoying Hongers

In conclusion, Hongers can be annoying. But you cannot judge Hongers by what you see on the outside. Hongers tend to have a better attitude, and they are more polite towards their elders (greetings, table manners ..etc) So finally, all races are equal, and a dumb site like this should defitnitely be banned.
White person: "Yo sup dude"
by Proud_to_be_honger January 14, 2005
Not all Hongers type with "kekeke" or "hehe =.^~" thing. At least, not to an excess. Besides, I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Its just like typing "lol" or "lmao" --simplified onomatopoeias thats all.

I admit, I'm quite honger, although more cbc. I like to wear some of their fashion, and I also love those cute, adorable things (blue bear, babu, mashimaro..however. I don't like Hello Kitty).

And whats with the saying "Hongers aren't good at english."
That is not true. Everyone sucks at a language they've never learned before. Besides, I'm getting top in my English AP class --take that... freakin honger bashers.

Not all hongers are rich. Just like not all white people are. Or brown people. Or blue. Or green. Get my point?
Same goes with personalities, everyone is different, despite their ethnic backgrounds.

So a general definition of hongers can be just simply
1)a person who wears hongkong/jap fashions
2)a person from hong kong
"You laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at you because you're all the same."

Don't stereotype hongers.
by FMAangel December 25, 2005
People came from Hong Kong.
So many hongers living here now.
by mw2303 April 23, 2003
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