Man... not all hongers are like that. Some are actually quite nice too...
... hongers are not all that cocky ...
by unknown September 14, 2003
-All a Honger is is a person who came to Canada from Hong Kong in the late 80's and early 90's. It was generally assumed they were buying citizen insurance out of fear that Chinese Communists would remove Hong Kong from the free market. Canadians generally believed that these new people from Hong Kong did not have any knowledge of Canadian people or Canadian culture. Canadians were also insulted by their seemingly aloofness to not wanting to learn about Canada.
A Honger is really only a person from this generational time frame. Children born to Honger parents but born in Canada and brought up in Canada should not be defined as Hongers but more correctly as Canadians. In fact, they shouldn’t even be defined as CBC's but, rather simply "Canadian."
As for all the pop-culture stuff that people talk about here to define people by race -its a bunch of crap -you should get out and travel the world and see how far popular culture travels and see how many different people it touches.
Hongers cut down trees to build big houses
by PeterHeff September 29, 2006
I am not a honger and I dont disagree with ur definations of honger, cuz I personally didn't like honger until I met some very nice hongers and started to understand their way of thinking and doing

When you don't understand something or someone, don't repel it or hate it. Learn from it and You will find a bright new world.
I would like to call this halls of Jealous or halls of Pussies.
If any of you got balls, go out to richmond and yell out whatever u just typed in here, and I grantee none of you would be *walking* home that night.

Dont screw with AzN in Vancouver, We Own this TOWN
by Forsaken August 15, 2004
I was reading all these definitions as a joke, until I read the last definition. I'm afraid I do not completely concur with this racist and absurd definition. Now, obviously this "Richmond White Guy" or whatever he named himself as has mistaken some other type of people - he probably would belong to that group himself - as hongers. Granted, some hongers might belong in those groups, but people of other races would have fit into those categories rather nicely too (again, Richmond White Guy would definitely fit in the Pitiful category). So, there are some groups of hongers who are cocky and annoying, but most of the honger population are rather nice people who have more or less assimilated into the Canadian culture and have white friends as well as honger friends. They might
still speak their language or say things such as "la, woh, ge, ar" on IMs and when they are speaking their language, but they rarely do speak like that to their white peers. So what does it matter if we say "la, woh, ge, ar" to fellow hongers? White people have their vocabs like "dawg, owned, waddap, pimp, bling" which was obviously copied from ebonics. I have no idea why I am spending time typing this up to persuade Pitiful situations like Richmond White Guy, since they are obviously hopeless cases. But hey, I guess everyone should defend their culture. As a honger, I can speak, write and talk English as fluently as most white people, and I also speak fluent Cantonese and Mandarin too. I don't find this to be something I should be ashamed of; rather, I am proud of the fact that I am multi-bilingual. Moreover, I have met hongers that have scored 90-95% on their English provincials. Contrary to popular belief that hongers can only get good grades because they are hardworking, I know a lot of hongers who are the laziest people I have ever met. They study only when absolutely necessary, which would mean the night before finals and exams. A horrible habit, I admit, but we get through. And now studying in the Business faculty in UBC, I have met even more of these talented honger people who are getting by with their Finance and Accounting degrees. A rather showy definition, but it's all true. Lol.
More than half of the population in Richmond are hongers.
Any racist person who has a death wish can come to Richmond and read some of
these highly racist definitions in a loud voice in any asian mall, or even in Richmond Centre.
by honger1 December 29, 2004
I'm half Chinese half white so I get to see both sides of the story. What was described in the first definition is extremely accurate, but only when applied to about 10-20% of the hongers I know. They are a very select group that has one thing in common: they have been in Canada (generally) less than five years. However, the other 80-90% are a very diverse group that includes many people to whom that particular definition of "honger" does not fit at all. I know many people who were born in Hong Kong that speak perfect English, wear the same clothes that white people wear, don't play copious amounts of badminton and don't have cell phones attached to their ears.

It all comes down to how it jumps out at you. The reason why we have such a narrow definition of a "honger" is because we've picked up on the most obvious representation, or the representation that sticks out like a sore thumb. We don't appreciate the 80-90% of people born in HK that are all unique in their own ways and have adapted somewhat to the way of life in North America because they've blended in with the rest of society.
A honger can be one of many different things.
by Ponderous December 19, 2004
Hongers are people who are either born in hongkong or their parents are from hongkong.
Personally I don't think that people who speak Cantonese and not from hongkong are hongers.
hongers are different from the Chinese from mainland china I believe, they have last names like : Chan ,Wong lee,chow.when people from mainland china have last names like : chen,huang,li,zhou
learn to love hongers
not all of them are mean
by 18.13 March 23, 2008
Hongers can speak proper english. You can probably rate hongers at levels from 0-100%, 100% being extreme honger.

I personally think I am not a total honger. I go to both asian stores and canadian stores to buy clothings. This includes Mix&Match, la senza, le chateau, etc). Depends what I like. I enjoy buying japanese brand fashions, I mean, I have also seen caucasians buying asian things, so how what does that mean! Somebody who is from HongKong does not mean they are a honger. And what is wrong with a person from Hong Kong still speaking their language? Don't other races do that too.

Ya, Hongers wear bright clothings eh, what about CBCs!! Wear bright hot pink matching it with black and put HEAVY, SUPER DUPER HEAVY black eye liner! Making them look like they have panda eyes. Now what about that?

I know alot of people who are half honger half cbc. What about those then? Right, I passed a certain university english assessment test with one try while some cbc who is acing his english at school failed his assessment. How how does that really rate the the way honger ppl speak and write.

And btw, I never say things like "wakakkaka" "kekekeke", I know ppl who say that, but I DUN!
Usually hongers would enjoy hanging out at karaokes, several times a month, at bubble tea, malls. They light watching chinese movie, and would usually have chinese channels at home. (but this also happens for many china ppl and taiwanese, cannot judge by these things)!
by minimocha December 11, 2004
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