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The most caring and gentle soul on 404
I'm going to start worshipping Dei, call me a Dei-ist
by anonymous four-oh-four February 07, 2005
This is an exclamation for all instances. Ex:
After stubbing one's toe. After getting a fatty pay check. But mainly it is used by another person after hearing ones bad news.
Frat Bro 1: Hey man I saw you get bring that trashed girl into your.
Frat Bro 2: Yea... Man I realized the next morning I was too drunk to put on condom.
Frat Bro 3: Dei...
by Dane From The Bay November 02, 2007
Another word for 'die'..
LinknPrkFan1122: Woohoo! I just downloaded AIM!
DeathWanderer000: Ooke, good for you.. =}
nunya306: Jourdan, go dei. :)
by Yer Mom[Neh, it's DeathWanderer] January 01, 2005

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