An extremely unpleasant and extraordinarily unattractive female.
"... so last night we saw a couple of right hongers"

"... and then I woke up and I was in bed with this proper honger"

"Your mum's a honger"
by Bydydtron May 11, 2009
HONGER that drives a CIVic with mod is call CBC (CAnadian born chinese). PPL who drive mercedes and BMW (With mod)ARE The REAL HONGERS. Which is me and i am proud too, dispite all the jealous remarks.
just glad i am a honger.. much more fun being a honger than other race.
by a proud honger January 17, 2004
The North American (mainly used in Canada) term for who international school kids in Hong Kong call "locals".
Ugh those locals just immigrate to Canada to become Hongers...What's the point?
by David Sebastian January 09, 2005
You people are out of your minds. It's not racist to hate hongers, even I do, and I'm chinese. A honger, is just a person who likes to talk loudly(in asian languages), thinking they are the only people in the area. That's all. This leads to no racism whatsoever. The word "Honger" might be misleading because it contains "Hong" inside, which is a part of Hong Kong, but it's not a racist term. Idiots.

All races have a group of "hongers". They're just not named so. Take a white "honger" for example. You know what I call a loudmouth white guy? An "asshole". Hello? Ever heard of assholes? Exactly. You oversentitive chinese fucks are just way too stupid, and I can say that without being a racist because Im chinese.

How stupid can people be?

To def #2 guy:
Why do you feel less superior to white people? It's not just them that makes fun of you. Now go away and take that shitty SL500 with you(which your parents most likely bought you, spoiled brat).
There's no Chinatown in Vancouver, there's a Chinacity though. HONGERS
by Davis(magee 8) October 01, 2005
A person of Chinese background sporting the fashions of uber FOBness (see FOB), usually has too much money than they know wut to do with and are typically seen driving (if you want to call it that) a BMW or Mercedes. For those driving Civics, they are more of a disgrace to Hongers (see ricers). Some male hongers are also prone to be effeminate.
If you live in BC, than you know its pretty much the entire population of Richmond.
by michael tan January 14, 2004
Term for a Hong Kong immigrant who does not conform or assimilate to his or her new surroundings. They are prevalent in such coastal cities such as Vancouver and San Francisco. Although not necessarily a derogatory term, it can be used in a contemptuous fashion because Hongers generally refuse to integrate themselves into their new surroundings. They usually speak predominantly in Cantonese (not Mandarin, as that's the language of mainland China), and they can be easily identified by their fashions: "wacky" and/or dyed hair, black-rimmed glasses, metro fashion, and luxury European cars or Rice Rockets (inexpensive Hondas customized to top performance). Hongers also hang out in large groups of other Hongers.

Hongers do not necessarily have to immigrants from Hong Kong. They can sometimes just be Canadian-born or American-born Chinese who do not fit into any other segment of youth society. However, these are not true Hongers, just misfits and/or losers (if you can't speak Chinese, know nothing of Chinese culture, and were born in North America, you are NOT Chinese or Hong Kongese just because you're socially repulsive to the Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and other Asians in your community).
Aaron: That guy has copper-red hair spiked like Cloud Strife's, and he's yammering away in Chinese or something.

John: That guy's such a Honger.

Aaron: I don't mean to be racist, but damn, they're annoying sometimes.

John: Hey, I'm Chinese, and even I can't stand them. But everybody's entitled to their own pop culture.
by ChrisJLee March 07, 2007
Honger (n).

Hongers are people from Hong Kong who immigrated to another part of the world. They tend to dress in Hong Kong's lastest style(usually one or two years before the fashion hits North America). They tend to hang around in the same age. They tend to drive in Hong Kong's lastest cars.

Another group of people who might say they are hongers are called, honger-wannabe's. Hongers are not people who are born in Hong Kong, who move to North America and speak english 24/7. They are not white-washed, they don't dress weirdly, and don't dress in style. They usually are band geeks, nerds, and/or anime freaks. They try to speak cantonese infront of the real hongers, but they are often excluded in the conversation. And also, they are usually self-centered.
Example of a honger:
Quote "waiwai! lei dim ar?? ho mun ar.. icic, cu, 88, ttul"
Example of a honger wannabe:
Quote "....hey....(gets the attention, but then gets excluded)..what's for homework today?...(ignored)"
by cookies December 29, 2004

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