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A job that requires absolutely no skill or talent, except for a complete lack of self-respect. Usually the kind of job one seeks after being fired from distributing flyers for a porno theater.

The term is derived from an episode from The Simpsons where Mr. Smithers, desperate for a job after being fired by Mr. Burns, inquires after a Help Wanted sign at Moe's. The job is pretty simple: distract Barney Gumbel until the midnight beer delivery is safely transacted. According to Homer, it's a job that many of them have only contemplated in the darkest moments of their lives.
Bill: Yo, how'd the job hunt go?

Evan: Terrible. I had to take an internship to a fishmonger.

Bill: Man, that's a Barney-guarding job.

Evan: I know. I think I'm going to bed. Don't bother me.
by ChrisJLee March 07, 2007
Term for a Hong Kong immigrant who does not conform or assimilate to his or her new surroundings. They are prevalent in such coastal cities such as Vancouver and San Francisco. Although not necessarily a derogatory term, it can be used in a contemptuous fashion because Hongers generally refuse to integrate themselves into their new surroundings. They usually speak predominantly in Cantonese (not Mandarin, as that's the language of mainland China), and they can be easily identified by their fashions: "wacky" and/or dyed hair, black-rimmed glasses, metro fashion, and luxury European cars or Rice Rockets (inexpensive Hondas customized to top performance). Hongers also hang out in large groups of other Hongers.

Hongers do not necessarily have to immigrants from Hong Kong. They can sometimes just be Canadian-born or American-born Chinese who do not fit into any other segment of youth society. However, these are not true Hongers, just misfits and/or losers (if you can't speak Chinese, know nothing of Chinese culture, and were born in North America, you are NOT Chinese or Hong Kongese just because you're socially repulsive to the Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and other Asians in your community).
Aaron: That guy has copper-red hair spiked like Cloud Strife's, and he's yammering away in Chinese or something.

John: That guy's such a Honger.

Aaron: I don't mean to be racist, but damn, they're annoying sometimes.

John: Hey, I'm Chinese, and even I can't stand them. But everybody's entitled to their own pop culture.
by ChrisJLee March 07, 2007
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