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Honger (n.)

A person from Hong Kong. Usually used in a derogatory sense by anyone who is not part of the Honger population. Normally speaks in Cantonese, and has a heavy accent when speaking in English. Normally spotted wearing clothes popular in Asia with dyed/streaked hair, speaking in loud voices on their cell phones. Also spotted in expensive cars. Reads Japanese comics (Manga) and plays video games. Frequents "Asian" arcades, with games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Initial D. Strangely, all Hongers seemed to have mastered DDR, or at least play it competently. Likes cute icons, which manifest themselves in everything from toilet paper to cellphone accessories. Usually wears or brings enough accessories with them to open a store, including things such as braclets, necklaces, cellphones, and/or mp3 players. When communicating on the internet, they tend to "talk lik dis ar". Contrary to popular belief, not all Hongers get good grades.
-"Ngor dei mm hai Honger ah!"
-"Oh, that must be a Honger driving."
-I see many Hongers in Richmond.
by Laen December 06, 2004
the ELEMENT of sucking...and not actually sucking...err, when something sucks...
friend: what are you doing sat?
you: I got work...
friend: man, that's some suckeranium...
by Laen February 01, 2005
shizzle -in accordance with, agreeing
goodium -the ELEMENT of good, much different from "suckeranium", the element of things that suck.
I just ate a biscuit and it was shizzle goodium son!
by Laen February 01, 2005

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