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It is quite fun reading these other definitions online, but what the f*ck, most of you are harsh racists. I am Japanese and I know a few hongers. Hongers are from Hong Kong, they are also human beings. There are good and nice ones and there are cocky ones and shitty ones. Just like anyone you see on the street, it's not like all the white people are nice. If you met some cocky hongers and then decide to say ALL hongers are assholes then open you eyes to meet nice hongers.

You guys also have no idea about the clothes they wear. As a matter of fact, most of them all try to be unique. A lot of you think that is gay or such, then again, you are just some old rotting rock that can't even accept any new things. The way the person dress up reflects a lot on the person's personality. Certainly, some are just outragious, but that only means the person has bad taste. If you think always white sweater, blue jeans are good, and everything else is gay. There's no point for you reading the rest of the definition.

Cars, hah, talk about their cars. I have to agree a lot of them are ricers, but how many people out there are also ricers? Damn, those huge bling bling wheels, and those huge ass mufler mustangs. I don't even want to go on.

Don't be a racist. Meet the person, not the race.
Hongers can get 90% in English in high school, as I know of some.
by illux December 08, 2004
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