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-All a Honger is is a person who came to Canada from Hong Kong in the late 80's and early 90's. It was generally assumed they were buying citizen insurance out of fear that Chinese Communists would remove Hong Kong from the free market. Canadians generally believed that these new people from Hong Kong did not have any knowledge of Canadian people or Canadian culture. Canadians were also insulted by their seemingly aloofness to not wanting to learn about Canada.
A Honger is really only a person from this generational time frame. Children born to Honger parents but born in Canada and brought up in Canada should not be defined as Hongers but more correctly as Canadians. In fact, they shouldn’t even be defined as CBC's but, rather simply "Canadian."
As for all the pop-culture stuff that people talk about here to define people by race -its a bunch of crap -you should get out and travel the world and see how far popular culture travels and see how many different people it touches.
Hongers cut down trees to build big houses
by PeterHeff September 29, 2006

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