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comes from the word -HONG KONG
a honger is a chinese person that came to canada (doesnt matter how long) and cant speak english that well and always and every 2-3 years goes bak to hong kong. also they try to keep up with hong kong fashion. yes, they do go to honger malls & stuff but they go to normal places like richmond centre and metrotown too. some ppl who wear some hongerish doesnt mean they honger
i kno lots of ppl that wear honger clothes who can speak perfect english and listen to english muzic ... but it tru some hongers are kinda bad and some arent .. but most hongers are rich ass mutha f**kaz who drive benz and the B dubs... i kno this one guy .. he not honger but he's in grd 11 or 12 and he drives a mecredes slk ... everyones different and some may b more alike then others but still they different ... im not a honger but i still speak chinese with my friends and a i speak english with my friends.
by mr.NG da kiNG December 28, 2004
A person from Hong Kong generally who owns a souped-up Honda Civic with spoilers manafactured from BOEING and girlfriends who weigh less then 70 pounds who seems to enhale helium everyday while pretending to be interested in playing DDR, CS, etc. Generally ends sentences in "LAH", "AR", and "WAH!".
"Poor honger boy has spoilers on his civic because he believes he can fly"
by euro-man January 13, 2004
it's not so much to argue the points or to add on. but one must admit that this is the definition for the honger in your life that IS loud, annoyingly rich, cocky and inconsiderate. we ALL know that not every person from hk fits into that definition.

it's those who drive their nice cars without knowing how to freakin drive, dress like at 10 year old when they're 30, look down at u because your phone isn't the newest one inthe market, talk in their little groups in the middle of lecture loud enough for u to hear halfway across a 500 people hall....etc....that fits in.

i'm a honger myself, self admitted. i laugh at that definition because it's so true. i find it offending when people call me a honger (WHATWHAT i do NOT have problems colour coordinating my wardrobe)....but c'mon people....lighten up. learn to laugh at yourself and most likely u'll find u don't fall into that category of the annoying honger.
- honger kids who all have super nice super mod-d cars....and when u look in them none of them are stick. what a waste of cars
- mothers who dress in their kids clothes and have hello kitty cellphones. dear god.
- once again people who talk loud enough for the world to hear at the wrong times.
- please....learn the colour triangle....hot pink and hot purple and neon yellow really is quite an odd combo for clothing
by honger@heart May 14, 2005
Ok if you can get your hands on either a purse, bag or wallet, you can identify a honger

One dead givaway of 'hongerism' is that they have several bubble tea cards that say "buy 7 get one free!". Quite often, these places have really bad names, like 'numba one cafe' 'little elephant cafe' etc.

Also, their recepts, if they have lots of receipts from Richmond, from places like Yohann, Aberdeen and Daizo, this may signify a honger.

The pics they carry often signify hongerism. If they have pics in their expensive $2000 cell phones that aren't available in Canada, they are honger. If not, then they might not be as bad.

If they pics contain ppl in gay poses, such as the peace signs etc, they may be honger. If they have really slutty girls in them wif blond streaks in their hair, and no name brand clothes or fake clothes, then they are honger.
whoa! ur sucha HONGER!
by jon December 17, 2004
A Honger is typically a person from Hong Kong of approximately 50-100 lbs in weight who wears odd color clothing such as bright blue, pink or orange. A Honger will also feel the need to buy a new 500$ cell phone every month and to drive a POS car (usually a civic or other lower model import) with thousands of dollars of useless modifications i.e. a huge spoiler which literally does nothing to add to the performance of the automobile. A Honger will also tend to end sentences with words such as "lah" or "ah" making coherent dialogue difficult if not altogether impossible. Finally, the typical honger will feel that the combination of the attributes listed above makes them cool and hence will act in a rude, cocky and altogether obnoxious manner.
The guy that took three hours to park his puke color Honda Civic turned out to be a honger.
by Oel September 03, 2003
A person that came from Hong Kong.
Her boyfriend is a honger.
by mw2303 April 23, 2003
A person of Chinese ancestry that hails from Hong Kong. Only hated by some other Chinese people, especially Vancouver area gangs and Jesse.
Get out of my store you damn honger!
by I got no pants April 20, 2003