Also used in spain for "good" or "sick" like in english...
¡Mira a esa chica!
¡Buuuufff, que heavy tío!
by ZePequeno December 17, 2005
Bam: "look at that noob he thinks he's all heavy and shit."


Bam: "i could take him."

Jake: "hokay there tough guy."
by straight ass teeth October 21, 2007
1. Commonly used to describe the gravitayional force (wieght) of an object.

2. A slang word for good/excellent/tense
1. Something weighing 10, 000lbs would be heavy.

2. That's a heavy game
by private February 05, 2004
good, intense
whoa man thats some heavy, far out, happening stuff, you know man?
by Rob September 14, 2003
having great weight..... or to a playa, the expression of tightness
that shit is heavy..... (great emphasis on the "heeeeee...", with accompanying arm movements better expressing the tightness of what ever it is that you are referring to as heeeeavy)
by LLevii August 24, 2008
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