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Spoken, usually screamed, at someone who has failed to speak or write understandable English. Sometimes bowdlerized as "English, do you speak it?" or misquoted as "English, do you speak it, motherfucker?"

Arguably the most famous line from the iconic 1994 film Pulp Fiction. Ironically, the original line was not asked in response to someone speaking incorrect English, but asked by Samuel L. Jackson's character as a rhetorical question to whether or not a frightened man spoke English at all after the man repeatedly said "what?" to his questions.
"What country you from?"
"'What' aint no country I ever heard of! They speak English in 'what'?"
"English, motherfucker, do you speak it?"
by BlackDoomShadow December 04, 2008
A form of greeting promoted by some Christian groups in which two parties hug by wrapping one arm around the shoulder of the other person, as if posing for a photo, rather than the traditional "front hug," or wrapping both arms around the shoulders or waist from the front. The motivation behind the side hug is that frontal hugs allow the two parties' crotches to touch, apparently emulating sexual activity.

While the Christian side hug has been promoted for a few decades, it came to the attention of the Internet with a much-ridiculed Youtube video posted in November 2009, in which a Christian rap group attending the 2009 Encounter Generation Conference, a Christian youth conference, performed a rap song explaining the merits of the side hug. The video's unintentionally humorous message, lyrics, and the behavior of the performers (including mock gunfire and police sirens contradicting the Christian message of the song) made it an Internet sensation, much to the embarrassment of Christians.

Debate ensued over how serious the song was intended to be. The writer and lead singer explained that the song was meant to parody overly protective Christian ideas. However, both the lyrics and the EG Conference's website clearly state that anyone caught "front hugging" will be removed from the event, calling this claim into question. Regardless, the video has already become extremely popular on Youtube and has spawned several spoofs.
Guy: Hey babe, what's up? Wanna go back to my place?
Girl: Nah, gimme dat Christian side hug instead?
Guy: I'm dumping you.
by BlackDoomShadow December 08, 2009
A phrase commonly used by people from the future to indicate a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull. However, weight, supposedly, has "nothing to do with it." Phrase originated circa 1955 by a teenager in a life jacket.
"Whoa, this is heavy..."

"There's that word again! Heavy! Why are things so heavy in the future, is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?"
by BlackDoomShadow April 19, 2010
1. The intentional destruction of a building by placing explosives in strategic areas. Often used by construction companies to remove unneeded buildings, like run-down houses.
2. Arguably the most well-known conspiracy theory about the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Postulates that elements in the US government used the crashes of airplanes into the World Trade Center as cover for the detonation of explosives in the buildings to bring them down.
3. Controlled Demolition, Inc., a construction company hired by the city of New York to clean up the wreckage of the World Trade Center. Often implicated in or blamed for their destruction by conspiracy theorists.
1. The old city museum was brought down by controlled demolition on Wednesday so construction can start on the new one.
2. The incredulousness of the World Trade Center controlled demolition theory is often used to paint an unfair picture of the 9/11 Truth Movement as a whole.
3. Controlled Demolition, Inc. was the only company allowed to clean the WTC wreckage, which has raised some eyebrows.
by BlackDoomShadow April 13, 2009
"Watergate" parody term referring to the high-stakes legal battle between 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. regarding the rights to the movie Watchmen.
"I'm a huge fan of Watchmen, but I hope this whole Watchmengate thing doesn't get the movie cancelled."
by BlackDoomShadow January 09, 2009
Controversy that spawned out of the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. While accepting the award for "Best Female Video," Taylor Swift was suddenly interrupted by Kanye West, who declared that Beyonce deserved to win the award for one of the "best videos ever!" before handing the mic back to a stunned Taylor. The show then cut to commercial before Taylor could finish.

While initially suspected to be a staged hoax, MTV insiders confirmed Kanye was removed from the event and Taylor was seen crying backstage. However, upon accepting her award for "Video of the Year," Beyonce invited Taylor back to finish her speech. The massive backlash from celebrities and the media, coupled with Kanye's outburst's popularity as a viral video (being mixed with Obama's healthcare speech interruption, for example) has prompted a wave of controversy and criticism of Kanye's behavior.
Swiftgate is the first big celebrity controversy of fall 2009.
by BlackDoomShadow September 14, 2009
Synonym for Freudian slip. A subconscious slip of the tongue that reveals something embarassing, but not necessarily true, about oneself. Taken from an interview with Barack Obama, in which he accidentally referred to his "Muslim faith" instead of his Christian faith.
Dude: Hey Sarah, maybe we could go hook up later. I mean, go out later, not hook up. Sorry. I Muslim Faith'd.
Her: No problem, it happens to all of us.
by BlackDoomShadow October 13, 2008
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