Something you say when you really like something
That Car Is Heavy
Your Outfit Is Heavy
by rufeelinme March 01, 2006
This is a hockey term used to describe a tough guy on the team; or at least a guy who thinks he's tough. A teams heavy will oftentimes fight the other team's goon, just for the sake of fighting
"Hey Cam, your a real fucking heavy."

"Cam, that was a great tilt. I loved that test of strength, are you sure your not a heavy?
by galvan December 10, 2004
a fat person
wow..shes heavy..and i dont mean good..i mean fat
by Gurpal May 24, 2004
A adjective to describe a tangible object of high mass/gravity ratio.
Yo, that weed was fuckin heavy stbar.
by prop.a.gan.dhi May 12, 2003
somethin' darn bad commited by anyone. incl. yourself
*rick smashes guitar*

Rick??!! that was really heavy man, my grandad made that guitar entirely out of matchsticks on his deathbed!!
by Haztionary May 24, 2005
really or a lot. Usually to describe a feeling.
I heavy love her.

I'm heavy drunk.
by jennababy April 30, 2005
Name of a particular strain of Marijuana which is generally associated with dank because of the similar taste, texture and smell.
That is some good heavy.
by P Dittle September 23, 2005

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