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a walking STD farm.
He thinks he's so cool, but really he's just a playa, he oughta go get tested.
by Pyrohotdog November 05, 2003
A "Playa" is (usually) a man who likes to get with the ladies, as many as possible. A cross between a con man and a ho.
Don't even think of getting with him, he's just a playa
by DMX October 02, 2003
Nick.D is not a "playa" aka PLAYER.
a true PLAYER doesnt need bitches because he already has them.
and also, your not going to find any bitches posting ego boosting comments about yourself on this website.
by ODX May 02, 2003
a person, probably male, who deludes himself so far that he confuses fantasy with reality by thinking he is playing a game.
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
a dude who is similar to a pimp
Dat nigga is a playa! He has 6 hoes!
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
A castrated duck, or a human wanting to be a castrated duck
Hey, check out that castrated duck trying to have sex! It remindes me of all those funny playas on TV!
by ThatTreeOutside April 03, 2003
A dude that thinks he can bang any chic on the planet, and when they turn him down he just resorts to chickens.
Hey girl, let me check your oil with my dipstick...(Girl)-FUCK YOU. (Guy)-Thats cool, I heard chickens are half off at the farmers market today.
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
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