Usually used to refer to one's mates, minions,or grunts.
(someone who has just been beefed): I'm gonna call my heavy's down to sort this chump out
by Christopher December 06, 2004
A large or muscular person assigned the role of a bodyguard
Jason is gonna be our heavy.
by alex pelk May 08, 2005
A group of members of the Ghostbusters community who seem to have total control of all aspects of the fandom.

An Illuminati like group with power and influnce over all things Ghostbusters. Rumor has it they even told Bill Murray to stall production of Ghostbusters 3.
"Because it is the same 10 people. and those same 10 people, or the heavies as I called them, dont give a damn about anything else but their own agenda." - Keoni
by The Heavys March 31, 2011
To be carrying a firearm. Used most often by Italian mafiosi, but sometimes used by african-american "gangstas." The equivalent of "packing heat" or "coming hot".
I went heavy, but I didn't even need it to punk those bitches out.
by Mertens21 January 10, 2007
The state one finds themselves in when taking benzodiazepines.
I was heavy as fuck after I took those xanax.
by kittensandjesus August 09, 2014
the feeling one will have the morning after a night of drinking and bad decisions. a general "heavy" feeling of regret, guilt and dread.
nicki had the heavies after her work christmas when she found out she stole the band's mic and sang "don't stop believing" to the entire company.
by tilley g February 27, 2009
A Substitute for "cool" or "awesome" as to express a feeling of approval towards an action, or object.
Dude, those shoes are so heavy.
Bro, that 360 boardslide was so heavy!
by Xyro101 March 12, 2014

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