A sales term, someone who has the ability to pay for a product and the ability to influence others. Similar to an elephant.
Oprah is the ultimate heavy!
by Master Ro April 13, 2005
nice, tight
Eric new house is heavy
by J-boyd October 22, 2003
(noun) A specific type of shit. One that the earth's gravitational pull is exerting an unusual amount of force upon. A heavy, when shat, will make a very discernible low-pitched plop in the can.

synonyms: deuce, 9-ball
"Dude, I simply cannot finish eating this 12th can of baked beans until I go drop a heavy!"
by Samir Nagheenanajar August 23, 2006
state of being semi-erect, almost hard
willie says . i think i'm getting a heavy, instead of i think i'm getting a puffy.
by rain December 25, 2004
A villian
The heavy plotted against superman day and night
by Michael Reitz August 17, 2003
When your taking a stroll down the street and you then realise theres a huge computer monitor in your hand and you think to yourself "man, thats really heavy, where did that come from?"
"Yo Lee, where did this monitor come from, its really heavy"
by darren and lee June 14, 2007
Black people say it more, but is being adopted by rude boys/townies.
Means really good.
Man, that trip was heavy
by Gspong March 16, 2003

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