Hispanic Panic: a situation that confronts emergency personel (ei. paramedics, firefighters...) when dealing with many hispanic patients. It includes a pronounced over-reation to any situation no matter how minor the problem.
That family reacted like someone died when that 18 year old stubbed his toe...total HP!!!
by Jewexican May 12, 2006
HP can stand for many different things...

HP - Horsepower
HP - Harry Potter
HP - Hewlett Packard
HP - Many other things.
Horsepower - The new supcharged Ford Lightning has 500HP.

Harry Potter - The new HP book sold over 10 million copies.

Hewlett Packard - My HP printer made me wanted to shoot myself.

Many other things - HP can be used as an ancronym for many other things, but who feels like listing em all eh?
by Im with stupid. November 15, 2006
An abbreviation for Hit Points, a term in many role-playing games determining how much damage a character can take.
Ouch! That monster rolled high, I’m losing a lot of HP! How many HP do you have left?
by Joseph Meyer July 17, 2003
The gangsta-est hood in the nati, abreviation for hyde park
The HP was feared and envied by all other hoods and thuggs.
by Franky P February 20, 2004
Also know as Hazel Park Michigan a shitty as 2 mile by 2 mile city where 50 % of the population is skanky whores who give head for fun due to their fetish for dicks !!
HP hoes like to give head !!
by Angela August 30, 2003
n., Happy Pills
a reference to any imaginary stimulant in pill form.
"My friends and i use Happy Pills to keep boredom away!"
by californialicious June 16, 2004
Otherwise known as the biggest cockhead there ever was. This boy was born in the late 1980's and is a stupid herb. Born and bread in Manhattan the stupid boy is surprisingly stupid and has no etiquett or respect for his fellow man or woman. Currently he is known to give people free marijuana if they will spend a minimum of one hour with him. His most frequently spoken phrase is "I'll give you weed if you be my friend!"
He is notorious for having sex/and or dating ugly dating(ie. getting head from) ugly girls.
"I sucked HP's dick yesterday"......."me too!"
by Karma is a bitch November 15, 2005
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