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Someone who has a shitty job and is stuck behind a desk and a computer all day long.
Converygs is desk jockey central! Friends dont let friends work at Convergys!
by Kev23 August 29, 2005
Nissan naming system used to identify a turbocharged 240sx/Silvia(S13) hatchback.
R = Hatchback
S13 = Chassis Code
I am preparing to swap an sr20det in my 240sx so I will have an RPS13!
#nissan #silvia #240sx #sr20det #s13
by Kev23 September 26, 2005
A very screwed up way of spelling 'Linksys', a company that specializes in home networking devices.
Road Runner Customer: "Ya I have a Linkski router!"
Technician: "You mean a Linksys router"
Road Runner Customer: "ummm... ya!"
Technician: "Learn to read!"

LynxSis makes good routers!
#linksys #router #network #linkski #internet
by Kev23 September 23, 2005
What your AOL service does!
Sorry, I cant play Battlefields Online cause my AOL lags.
by Kev23 September 17, 2005
One of the largest Internet Service Providers in the United States. Owned by Time Warner and affiliated with America Online and Earthlink. Technical support is outsourced to Convergys where agents like me have to talk to stupid people all day long who have no idea what their Internet connection is for.
Customer: I Broke my Road Runner!
Agent: What lights are on your modem
Customer: Standy Light!
Agent: Can you click on the 'Tools' Button, there should be a picture of you, because you are a tool!
by Kev23 September 09, 2005
An Internet Service Provider that services most of the United States and even parts of Newfound Land. Like AOL and Earthlink, Road Runner is owned by the evil giant corporation Time Warner. Most of its customers are not bright enough to know how to use their own Internet service and end up calling Internet Technicians like myself.
Man I got this Road Runner thing cause my friend said it was the cool thing to do. I have no idea what it does though. Instead of learning myself, Im going to be a lazy fool and call Technical Support.
*Bong* Time Warner Jackson *Bong*
by Kev23 September 20, 2005
A woman that is very easy to sleep with. A woman that has sex with anything that has a penis and a heart beat. Also see slut.
I needed some punani so I nailed that sperm dumpster Jessica.
by Kev23 August 29, 2005
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