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Someone or Something that is weird, out of place, unusual.
Can also be combined with other words to stress the weirdness of a situation. Ex: Bazatron, Bazalicious
1. She is such a baz.
2. That movie was so baz.
3. What a Baz!
by SophiaMichelle March 21, 2010
Frosty Jack's cider in 3 litre bottles, however can occasionally be used for different sizes and brands.
Jacob: are you smashing a baz tonight Terry?
Terry: no because I'm a pussy
by ryanbayleyisacunt December 08, 2012
Meaning shite. Baz is short for 'Barry' which in turn is short for 'Barry White'. 'Barry White' is rhyming slang for shite.
I really need a Baz
by Dr Dazzy B May 18, 2011
A housebound loner, bitter and twisted and prone to spontaneous abuse in the many chatrooms he frequents.
I wish Baz would leave B3ta, his joke is wearing thin.
by Tw-at October 20, 2003
A common name for a variable used in programming examples or exercises. It ranks third in popularity after "foo" and "bar", respectively. In fact, it is generally only used when a third variable is needed for the exercise (i.e. foo and bar have already been used).
An exercise in pointers:
int foo;
int * bar = &foo;
int ** baz = &bar;

// (*baz == bar) now evaluates to true
by CSgnome October 14, 2004
An overweight, alcoholic, unemployed chav or townie, most commonly encountered trying to start a fight in his local pub or getting sunburnt during a cheap holiday to Magaluf.
Baz (after 15 pints):'ere, you just spilled me bird. an' stop lookin' at me pint!


Brit Holiday Maker #1: Not much foreign culture on disply here, is there?
Brit Holiday Maker #2: No, the whole place is full of Baz's. We'll go somewhere more expensive next year.
by Loose Cannon December 15, 2004
Baz, Bazzed

Can be used as a verb to describe any action that is common (Ex. 1)

Can also replace any word in a conversation that has been forgotten or that you don't understand (Ex. 2)
Ex. 1: 'Hey, baz me that cat.'

Ex. 2: 'Can you baz that baz over here, there's a baz in my eye!'
by BenjaSka July 28, 2009