The abbreviation for "Human Playback", which is a setting in Finale that alters the way your music is played to make it sound like a real musician is playing it.

HP can add trills, mordents, turns, arpeggios, glissandos, tremolos, ottavas, and swinged tempo into your music along with improving expressions such as dynamics and tempo variations.

There are 16 different types of HP styles and each one interprets your music in their own way. They include Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 21st Century, Marching Band, Viennese Waltz, Light Waltz, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Reggea, Rock, Samba, and Custom.
Josh added HP to his jazz composition and he liked how the tempo was swinged.
by pianoman88 August 27, 2008
Hangover Poo, the nasty shits you have the morning after a big night out
Mate i had a nasty HP this morning!
by Fuddy March 23, 2007
HP, or HP's...short for HOT PROSPECTS. Imminently bangable girls.
Did you see the way that HP was getting down to C+C Music Factory? I might get her a Zima.
by OnoSendai May 20, 2006
abbreviation of Huntington par, CA a suburb of LA, between south central and east la
He lives in HP
by western&50th March 27, 2009
Heinous Pig. Usually the fattest ugliest woman in a bar. The one you will take home when you've had 1000 beers.
Hey Baz, check out that HP in the corner, that's yours.
by gaylen farquhar January 13, 2009
1. A reference to Highland Park,Pittsburgh.
2. Although it's just a shortened version that local youngin's and outsiders commonly use, it is also a representative of the many random acts of vandalism within the area.
3. Since it is also the best-kept secret in Pittsburgh, many refer to activities going on as an HP-what-have-you.
4. Also is used by the HP Boyz when recording.
1. "Hey guys, I'm bored. Let's head over to HP."
2. "Did you see that HP stuff sprayed all over the pavilions?"
3. "I heard about an HP party goin' down later," or "I'm hungry, let's go to the HP BBQ."
4. "HP BOYZZ!!"
by ilrev June 09, 2008
This is an acronym for "hot pussy" and can be used to refer to a beautiful woman.
Was there any HP at the party?
by dub_K November 30, 2006

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