A word pertaining to the female genitalia.
"Show me your growler" - I would very much like to inspect you in a gynaecological fashion.
by M_O_U_L_D June 04, 2004
Female pubic region, having gone into a state of repair/part of male mating call
Get your growler out
by Will Parry August 04, 2003
female genitals
Jeez, she's got a really hairy growler
by Chopster December 14, 2002
positive slang term for the full view of the female genitalia.
lesbo 1: man, tina was more amazing than i thought she'd ever be... i got down there and it was a growler...
lesbo 2: what is a growler?
lesbo 1: a full frontal, legs spread, ready for you view of her best junk.
lesbo 2: why do you call it a growler?
lesbo 1: because it makes you go gggrrrraaarrrr (rolls tongue to make growl noise)
#vagina #pussy #hot pussy #come and get me pussy #temple #love water spring
by Ryan Star July 31, 2006
Word describing a woman's vagoo, especially a particularly fierce one.
Man, her growler almost munched off my cock

Did you see her growler? It had razor-sharp teeth
#vagina #fanny #cunt #lady garden #vagoo
by amaz May 19, 2008
1) A half gallon container that is usually filled with beer.
2) A vagina.
3) A loud, messy crap.
Jake: "Did you go out and get some growler after you drank that entire growler last night?"
Tim: "No, it just made me have to take a major growler. I spent most of the night on the john."
#pussy #beer #poop #crap #dump #fecal festival
by Nicholas D May 28, 2009
A half gallon bottle of beer, usually with a screw off cap and generally filled directly from the tap at small breweries and brew pubs as a means of selling beer to go.
I got a growler of pale ale from my local brew brewpub.
#beer #bottle #jug #ale #pint
by Frank H October 31, 2005
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