A Kind and fun loving chap that has taken too much narc. They may just get you on there shoulders at every given opportunity and then back to teaching your kids Monday morning. Not a bad thing to say about them, they just want you to know what it feels like to be as tall as them.
When your loving a set and you get risen 6 feet in the air; you've experienced the wrath of the growler.
by VivaWarrior December 09, 2013
A half-gallon (64 ounce) jug sold by small breweries and brewpubs for take-out purposes. Typically adorned with the label of the brewery/establishment it came from. Most breweries/brewpubs will only refill their own growlers. Not to be confused with it's little cousin the 32-ounce howler.
Man I got this growler from the pub last night, it's already flat.
by jimbobJamison July 08, 2013
a chinese ninja fighting cat, bred specifically to quash racist taunts from certain northern monkeys
Rebecca Waters' growler became infected after a fight with a fairy
by Monkeymann07 April 05, 2010
Slang term for ladies' undercarriage originating from cockney rhyming slang:

"Growl and grunt"
Gaw blimey, ave a look! It's got a growler like a billposter's bucket.
by Hairy Poppins March 22, 2010
the act of performing oral sex in an aggressive manner; applies to both guys and girls
I got an awesome growler last night but I'm a little sore today!
by Princess Gabby February 10, 2010
A hairy, beastly vaginal gash usually seeping tremendous odour and belonging to a cougar or middle aged woman in need of a serious dick down.
Did you see payroll Sheryl's growler? It looked like a worn out baseball mitt with a coat.
by Optimus Rollout May 28, 2009
An abandon turd left in the toilet.
That nigga in the leather jacket left a growler in stall number 2
by the real black rhythm September 05, 2010

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