When you fire bomb the toilet with a massive heat missile that smells like burnt tires..
I ate a large stuffed crust pizza last night and I can't even feel my legs after the growler I just took..
by grizza78 September 02, 2009
A U.S. half-gallon jug, normally glass, that is used to transport draft beer in the United States. Usually used in means of selling "take-out" beer and sold at breweries.

Growlers are also sometimes used by homebrewers as an alternative to kegs.
"I finally just picked up my growler of Pliny The Younger, mmm mmm!"
by drewbocop February 22, 2009
A device that was once desinged to check for shorts in alternator windings. It's an outdated piece of machinery that serves little purpose these days and is just fun to say.
Jansen: "What the hell is that piece of shit over there?"

Si: "That's our shop's growler that we don't use anymore. It's just a fun conversation piece."
by Looped Out November 02, 2009
An old Dublin slang for a taxi. Coined due to the horrific condition of the exhaust in pretty much every taxi
"he whistled for a growler"
by Mick November 18, 2004
a really hard dump. one that requires alot of pushing. or anytime u have to take a dump
man i got to drop a growler
by squirrelmb February 04, 2010
A half-gallon jug of beer, typically sold by a brewery and re-fillable
"Time to fill up a few growlers at the pub, it's gonna be a long night..."
by dirty murph February 03, 2010
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