a bowel movement that requires you to growl.
earlier today i had to make a growler at my girlfreind's house.
by cholo carwash December 07, 2010
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A Yorkshire slang term for a pork pie.
God I'm starving, yo Jeff through me over a growler!
by Morritt April 14, 2006
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A ferocious, mean, mass of fecal matter moving through your body. The kind you can hear "growl" as it works it's way through your body.
Honey I'd love to go out, but I have a massive growler stirring. There will be no way to apologize for this feisty bastard. I better stay home.
by growler1 November 15, 2011
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a guy who growls & grunts when you fuck him.

exhibited by guys at the more masculine end of the spectrum, as distinct from squealers.
aw man, i fucked this guy last night, he was such a growler i had to press his head into the pillow & fuck 'im harder so the neighbours couldn't hear him.
by hornygayskater July 06, 2010
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An avalanche of fecal matter that demands being let loose from your intestines. A bowel movement which requires sprinting to the nearest bathroom.
When I went to El Pollo Loco, I knew it was a 50/50 shot. But ten minutes after downing two thighs, I sprinted to the can to let out a gigantic growler.
by Alex in East Los Angeles September 10, 2014
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To experience or unleash an intense bowel movement. To leave a large quantity of waste into a toilet.
Steve: I can't believe how many beers I had last night
Brad: Sounds like you had a good time
Steve: Last night was great but now I have to go take a fuckin growler.
by BM136 August 30, 2010
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A large glass (bigger than a pint), of beer.
Brooke is already drunk, does she really need another "growler"?
by Gary December 15, 2003
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