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The most awesome place ever to buy baked pastry goods. Their sausage rolls and steak bakes are highly recommended. One time they made a festive bake, it was christmas dinner in a pasty, dear lord that was good.

When purchasing at Greggs there are three things you can do:
- Have a Greggs (this involves buying one item and eating it).
- Have a double Greggs (two items).
- Have a triple Greggs (three items).
These items must be savory pastry goods as other items do not count. The double and triple Greggs are for true aficionados only as the sure intake of grease and joy may kill an unexperienced consumer. There has been talk of a legendary Quadruple Greggs, this would almost certainly be suicidal but it would be such a beautiful way to go.

The seven deadly sins are also all releted to Greggs.

-Wrath against those who do not enjoy Greggs.
-Greed (Obvious).
-Sloth (doing nothing but sitting in the pub eating Greggs.
-Pride that you ate a triple Greggs.
-Lust after Greggs.
-Envy of those who have Greggs.
-Gluttony (again obvious).

If you really enjoy your Greggs i would suggest moving to birmingham. You are never more than 5 minutes walk away. There are at least 6 in the city centre.

Some strange people out there will refer to Greggs as 'Greggs Eggs'. These people are wrong. Never has the word Eggs been after Greggs.

Dude i totally just had a triple Greggs, and every one was a festive bake. I may just explode from utter joy.

Guy 1 - Dude i just got a pasty from Greggs Eggs.
Guy 2 - Shutup it's Greggs Fool!

Man one time i totally went to birmingham had a sausage, bean and cheese melt from Greggs. Walked down the road and finished my pasty and went in the next Greggs. It made me weep with joy.
by seanthemanwiththegreggs April 07, 2010
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a handsome, manly guy who is always happy and pulls girls with his sweet dispostion
Jack : how does he do that?
Jermaine: hes a Gregg!
by cockledoodledoo May 27, 2008
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A really great restaurant in Warwick, Rhode Island. Known for delicious american-fare, it is still customary for many people to buy Gregg's awesome desserts! Unbelievable selection of desserts here! The place to take your Warwick girlfriend after hanging out at the Warwick Mall / Rhode Island Mall. After leaving here, stop by Uncle Matty's flowers (see entry for Uncle Matty's) and buy your date some flowers and then head over to the Sheraton Tara for some Warwick-style love-makin'!
Tracy was so turned on after eating the dessert at Gregg's, we couldn't drive fast enough to the Sheraton Tara!
by Laktaysha October 18, 2003
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A measurement of alcohol or other liquid by depth.
One Gregg is equivilent to 4 fingers of a drink.

A common measurement would be half a Gregg.
"Nope you got it wrong...You gotta down half a Gregg!"
by midgemaster August 10, 2009
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Only 20 people on the whole planet spell their name like this and this post is irrelivant but here we fucking are.

Oh, Greggs are... unique.
by Granana June 08, 2016
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The God in which Greggatologists worship. He is believed to have created the world, Wal-Mart, and Mexico. His son "Roy" is the messiah; he was hung by his testicles on a capital G. Roy now walks the earth as a pizza man, looking for righteous Greggatologists to give his Wal-Mart made pizza to.
You must accept Gregg into your bed if you want to go to Wal-Mart when you die; otherwise you'll go to Mexico.
by The Greggatologist October 02, 2010
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In black magic, when you want to change somebody's life and turn them to the darkside you "gregg" them.
Merlin used to gregg his opponents by using crystal magic.
by Voldemort September 02, 2004
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