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What most people that make basher entries on seem to lack.
Random makes some shallow closed minded entry, usually about others, see emo, hXe, scene to name a few and thinks it makes him someone.
by observant April 25, 2005
sagging or wrinlky skin. Most often found under the neck and arms.
Mrs. Petunia's depth was jiggling as she talked.

"Wow," said Tom "she's gotten even more depthlier than usual."
by nlib44 November 13, 2007
The most dirtiest and critical word in the English language. It refers to the deepest and most inward part of a place, object or idea. Yet, it is also used to describe the various summarized, non-analyzed parts found in The Western Heritage and other history books which require "depth". Also, its definition may be a reference to a libido.
"Kagan doesnt provide us enough depth when talking about Louis XIV and how he domesticated those dirty nobles in Versailles" "OH YES GIVE ME MORE DEPTH!!!"

by Mackdaddyflex March 10, 2007
an abstract concept, the lack of which is used as a criticism by idiotic videogame reviewers and the morons who read their crap then regurgitate it on gamer forums. it is a wildcard that almost invariably comes into play when the stupid cunts can't find a single flaw in a game's graphics or gameplay.
Xbox360 fanboy: Holy shitz! Halo 3 ownz so much I'd let Master Chief fuck my mom in the ass.
PS3/Wii cocksucker: Yeah but you see, it kinda you know, LACKS DEPTH.
by The Arbiter September 27, 2007
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